Saturday, July 11, 2015

Karma it's a Thing

Quotes of the Week

"I am trying to be a woman not a lady"- Sister Lee
"It's one of those gross American candies, but I'll eat it our of patriotism" -Elder Gildae
"Are you even American!?" Sister Lee

On the Menu

Cause nothing says I love you America like a rice burger...
Just kidding I ate a real burger.
I actually have a confession... I have never had a burger from Mc Donald's.... Never... Ever. My companion's jaw about hit the floor haha.  She was like ,"Are you even American?".
So to fix this unpatriotic act, I had my first Big Mac in Korea, but not only that. I had it delivered. Yup Mc Donald's delivers in Korea haha.


So idk if you saw the picture of the shower I posted earlier, but the shower is connected to the sink. When you turn the knob it is then the shower, turn it back, it is the sink.   Well I had this idea.  What if I just left it turned to shower.  That would be a funny prank.  However, as a missionary I decided this would probably be a bad idea.  So I have refrained from doing so.  However, when I went to use the sink I got a shower... yes a literal shower.  and I realized I was the last one to use the shower and forgot to turn it back.  So in effect, I pranked myself....

God really does work miracles.

We were talking with someone who is Vietnamese, and they were really excited to read the Book of Mormon.  It was so cool that they had a Vietnamese book of Mormon and I had it in English and my comp had it in Korean and we would read sections and then discuss them.  It was a really neat experience that even though our backgrounds are from completely different countries we found ourselves far from home and conversing really in the language of the spirit.  Even though we were using English which was only my native language everyone understood and was edified by what we talked about.

Language... Really I will talk a lot about language for the next year...  I find it interesting that even when talking with people that share my native language there can be so many miscommunications even though we are both fluent (well at least I think I know enough English to get by ;) ) but when it is really important I find myself being able to communicate in Korean beyond my natural ability through the Lord.  If the Spirit is there and love is there, communication can and will take place. Without those edifying/effective communication becomes significantly more difficult no matter what language you are speaking.  So let us oft speak kind words to each other that edify and invite the spirit. :)

First Big Mac in my life and I survived. 

Fish ice-cream