Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Once Upon an American

Really my whole blog is once upon an American... but with the fourth of July is coming up I thought I would say some funny things that happened. But first I am so excited for the 4th of July :D not that anything will happen here, but just that I will take that day to remember how much I love America :) I love Korea, but America is still my home.

So in Korea when the kids lose a tooth they take it to the roof and throw it off the roof and yell catchi. idk what that means, haha and then something about a bird using it for something... I was told about it in Korean so I could be totally off haha. some of the younger kids have the tooth fairy and I think the tooth fairy loves them more than me... they got like 5 bucks! :P

More Once Upon an American

On my first day with my comp I volunteered to make breakfast and make omelets.  There was just one problem...all the ingredients were in Korean.  All I wanted was salt... and I found this thing that in Eng said sodium chloride. and I was like... that is probably salt. and I showed it to her and asked is this salt? and with a quick glance said it was. so i used it... well it was baking soda... not salt haha.
Also, I saw these beautiful envelops/stationary and bought like 10, but fun fact it was just envelops.... so really when i thought i was buying a combo is was just 3 envelops... so now I have a lot of envelopes... haha

Fun things about Korea

So the police lights are always on and flashing.
They have a more complex trash system. so they have a special trash for food, recycle, cardboard, and reg trash. the food trash is usually kept in the freezer so it doesn't stink... haha


So this week I felt particularly impressed to share an analogy I learned about Chopsticks.  Chopsticks come in all shapes sizes and materials.
As long as the chopsticks are even and one isn't raising itself above the other they can work together in the masters hand.  This really can be applied to anything, friendships, political parties, leadership councils, marriages, but right now I am applying it to religions.
Yes a missionary's purpose is to bring people unto Christ.  But really if you know true disciples of Christ, you know they are not judging when people don't share their belief.  I will always invite people to partake in what has brought me so much joy, but if they chose not to we can still enrich each other's lives.  If it is good it is of God, instead of tearing down let's build each other up :)

English Class fun!


Sister Moyer!!! (super old photo)​​

"Golden" contact ;)

Yummy Shakes!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Leave it to Shaver

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE BEST FATHER EVER!!!!!! JACKSON SHAVER YOU ARE THE BEST DAD IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Seriously thank you for always being an example of service and love in my life :)  Thank you for your strong testimony in the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are wonderful! have a great father's day

Lost in translation

These aren't mine, but they are great... lol
"Jesus killed people " vs "Jesus was killed by people" good thing we have companions! lol

"Why does your face suck"  my friends comp to her in English. She meant why aren't you smiling... lol

Quotes of the Week

While practicing for the music night the pianist was like, "Just do it!"

"Can an elephant climb a tree?" Elder Ellingford

How was I not aware of this?

So this one time during music practice I went to sit down with everyone else and then my comp was like get up there you have a solo.  (Please remember I still really don't know Korean, and everyone is Korean or adopted-Korean in my district so all conversation is in Korean.)  Idk how big my eyes got but one of the missionaries was like, "oh btw you have a solo."
This would have been good information.   Apparently I was assigned a solo at some point. Though I don't remember trying out for one.... I don't do solos.  I leave them to people who can sing Like Michelle Moyer (go check her out on fb or youtube -she is awesome #shamelessplug) and Rebecca Woodburry, and Chantel Krause, And Laura Griffeth and all my other really musically inclined friends....
Oh did I mention this solo was in Korean? I really thought they were playing a joke. but nope I sang that solo Saturday. I just hope I pronounced the words more right than normal... there is no correct pronunciation for foreigners... lol  but my patient companion and a few of the other missionaries sat there with me for probably 30 min trying to help me....  and then my comp again at home at night before bed.  There are super great people here  haha..
So moral of the story... not quite sure haha but sing with your heart  even if it isn't natural for you :) haha


We had a really great talk on foundations the other day.  Turns out that Canadian road don't crack despite having to withstand significantly more sever weather conditions that the US roads that are filled with potholes.  This is because the wise Canadians built a deep foundation which allows the surface to be able to withstand the weather conditions is must face.
Our testimonies need to have a deep foundation in order to withstand the trials of life.  And to do this it isn't anything we are unfamiliar with.  Prayer. Prayer isn't for God really. He already knows what we are thinking. Prayer is for us.  Prayer is so that we become humble, so that we can recognize where everything comes from.  So that we can form a relationship with the Lord.  The Scriptures then allow us to feel the Lord's spirit and to learn from the Spirit what we need to learn that day.  and then obedience. Obedience keeps us safe.  It keeps us on the strait and narrow.  through it we can find happiness and peace within our souls and with the Lord.
Sometimes we feel like we have done those things but we don't feel a progression. but the bamboo tree is a great example that we don't always see results right away or as fast as others plants.  it takes a bamboo 5 years to break the surface.

5 years

why? It is building a network of roots that will withstand the growth spirit as it shoots up passed houses within 6 weeks.
but if it was not faithfully watered it would have died.
Let it grow. :) give it a chance :)
The miracle of that growth will manifest itself soon enough :)  Whether in testimony, attribute, skill or whatever you want to develop. give it time.

They will be missed.  They are so wonderful!!!
Love them!

my scripture study code

Pick alittle Talk alittle

Alright! we survived!!! Seriously this week was quite the experience!  We talked to a lot of people. I can definitely feel my language sort of progressing haha.  It is always funny cause people are always surpised when I start speaking Korean.  They usually start laughing out of confusion... Someone almost ran into a wall after I said hello.  I love getting to know people! People are so awesome!  I met this older woman who has traveled all over the world! it was really cool to talk to her :)


So sometimes I find "funny english" and it amuses me. This week I found this:

  • Hope means in your dreams
  • I love dog (this was funny because It is was above a store and there were tables and chair set up like a restaruant. I turned to my comp and was like... is that a restaruant? (we are in Korea eating dog is a thing) and she was like.. i dont think so... it wasnt... haha but still funny)

Korean sayings

A woman always has a different place for dessert. hahaha truth
suffer well. (basically means endure well)

MERS and Camels

Okay so there is apparently a big disease going around. I dont watch the news so I dont know what is going on but from all the PSA fliers this is what I know.
Don't eat camel meat if it isnt cooked.
Don't drink camels milk....
Stay away from camels.
Don't let people sneeze on you.
Don't get near people if you have it.
Stay out of public places. (good thing I am a missionary who is trying to spread the good word to as many people as possible in public places :P)

I am not worried.  I hope it gets better though :/

Big Rice Mac

It wasn't actually called that haha but they replaced the bun with rice!

The Gift of Hands

So I have been asked to play the piano at church the other day. Y'all... I don't sight read... and I don't know how to say "I only know how to play these 4 hymns that I learned while in seminary" in Korean.  They just handed me a hymn and expected me to play it.... Miracles everyone. They are among us. Cause I had never even heard some of those songs I played before in my life.


So we had a miracle the other day.  We were early for an appointment, and I felt we should go and start talking to people in the neighborhood while we wait to be on time.  The first person we talk to was someone that we were suppose to meet the day before but something came up and they couldn't meet.  What are the odds that they even lived there, and just happened to be walking toward us as we turned. 10 sec earlier or later and we wouldn't have met her.  God works in mysterious ways :)


So this week I learned a lot about personal revelation.  For God is the source of all truth.  No amount of study can replace revelation.  It can strengthen and is necessary to build faith, but it cannot replace recieving a personal witness.  And to recieve a personal witness we need to act in Faith, and seek truth.
Matthew 7:7

7 ¶Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

I feel I spoke on this before, but that just goes to show how we are constantly rediscovering truth.

We are the captain of our Souls.  We are embarking on a quest and seeking truth.  When we find the islands of truth and anchor ourselves there we are able to have the Holy Ghost confirm that truth to us.  Knowledge and Truth from God through the Holy Ghost is a priceless treasure.

Enjoy the Journey!

Sister Shaver

B exchages!!!


Day one of 100 hr challenge

Mid Week

Final Day #Lordsrest

our bathroom in all its glory. the entire bathroom IS the shower.haha

found this at a restaraunt. BEST TOLIET SEAT EVER. LOL

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Missionary Work is Delicious!

Funny story

we teach english to adorable children. They are my favorite! Seriously sooo cute and hilarious. Sometimes they come in with english phrases that we definitely didnt teach them. One such case was this boy went to his sister who is only like 2 and was like are you crazy? and she definitely was like no! I couldnt help but laugh. I was so surprised she understood! Kids have such a gift for languages!! (okay I realize they have the grey matter to spare but still I really wish I had that haha)

Missionary work on the menu

Alright so this week... No everyday, is a lesson in humility.  I heard once that you get sent to the states to become a scriptorian, a foreign country to learn a language, and to Asia to be humbled.  haha Pretty sure it is true.  So We were at a members house for dinner and in my defense... okay I got nothing. My brain had just stopped understanding Korean for probably 30 min. No matter what I did.  So when this brother served us delicous cake and asked a how it was I responded in Korean "It's delicious!" and then everyone started laughing like rolling on the floor laughing. and I was like... he wasn't talking about food was he. In english my companion was like, "He asked how the missionary work was going?" So then in English I responded to the brother "it is great!" and then still laughing and in english he said, "It's delicous!" there was no recovery lol luckily I dont take myself too seriously.  Honestly it was pretty funny. Hence the tittle of the blog.

OKay so we are doing this cool 100 hour challenge where we work a hundred hour week, so sorry if I didnt have time to reply to your email as I normally would and we are skipping a P-day, and we skip all the studies everyday, and get up at 5:30, and we skip meal times. The idea is to have the sense like the Lord is coming and you only have 100 hours left, what would you do? you would spread the word like he is coming tomorrow! So ya. No p-day, but it is okay cause God is going to be with us and I am excited for the challenge!


I have noticed a pattern for growth this past week.  First we must hope.  Hope is the foundation of Faith.  In the Gospel or in learning a language or anything else.  "Hope is the anchor to our soul"(PMG chapter6) Hope we can do inherit whatever that is.  Then we need Faith.  From my understanding that is belief plus action. To act upon that hope is to have Faith.  After we act, we must ensure we are acting out of charity.  We are being truly faithful to God and doing his will because we love him and not man.  As we seek to concecrate our actions for Christ, the Spirit concecrates our own conversion.

The miracle of the week was that I woke up one morning not really being able to hear. I could hear fine in the house, but once we got into the noise of the world I couldn't hear. We taught a lesson and I couldnt understand anything my companion or the investigator said.  I was terrified I was going deaf or something. We went home and I prayed and tried shaking my ear like their was water in it. Eventually I could hear again.  So grateful for answers to prayer!  It was a miracle

Humble Pie

So like I said the theme recently is humility, which is hard sometimes cause I have wonderful elderly women coming up to me telling me I am pretty haha. They are seriously the sweetest! I love them!  I hope I can show that much charity for people.  I kinda want to start doing that, and maybe I will. So this week I really started understanding what was going on around me.  I seriously could feel the prayers lifting me this week. :) So those of you praying for me, writing me, THANK YOU!!  It makes a difference!!  I mean I realized I just told a story about telling a member that missionary work was delicious and that wasn't my only language mistake, but I actually sat at a table yesterday and was able to follow the conversation! It is such a blessing :)  But this blessing comes and goes. The closer I am to the Lord the easier the Korean comes.  Simply the less I care about myself and the more I care about others the easier it is to understand their words.  Whether I am actually understanding Korean or the spirit is just conveying what they are saying, I dont know. maybe and healthy dose of both :)  But I know the second I go, " Hey! I am actually learning Korean and understanding things! I got this!" I don't "got this".  It is a constant reminder that with the Lord I can do all things and without him I am nothing.  I am so grateful for a loving God :)  Have a great week everyone!! :) God loves you!! :) <3


Sister Shaver

Rose festival last p-day!!! :D

In the Mornin' I'm makin' K-pancakes!

Yes that is a rice burger.  The bun is made of rice! too great to not have a picture :P

The district! (my district) we rock :P

At the Korean Temple

Cool bridge!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Specific prayer is powerful.

Lost in Translation

While we were eating at a function, I asked my companion if we had to eat everything which she said we did. I gave her a surpised look and she looked back with  a  (we usually do) look, but this was an extraordinary amount of food that was placed before us.  I went to town but she got up and started helping when I asked what I could do to help she told me to keep eating.  I ate about half the food there and expected her to come back and finish. She didn't come back.  Then I realized something must have been lost in translation........She meant until I was full...I told her what happened later and she about died laughing. le sigh.

Quotes of the week

I think the plural of spouse should be spice, because Mouse is Mice.

"Being awkward is your job Sister Shaver." Sister Lee

"Korean isnt that hard of a language to learn. The dogs can undeerstand it... and you can too!" Elder Ringwood

This week on the menu

Dried squid
small whole fish
shrimp with heads

This week in Korea.

So we attended a funeral, which was interesting to contrast with american funerals.  There was a really nice atmosphere of respect and honor, and there were a lot of flowers and he served in the military so there was a lot of that there too.

This week was quite a special treat. I got to see someone very dear to me this week. Michelle Moyer!! Go check out her blog! She is amazing inside and out!!  We had a combined conference where Elder Ringwood spoke. He served in Korea so that was cool that he could relate. he said if he could learn Korean anyone could haha he also said one of the quotes in the quotes of the week.  It was great to see Michelle though.  I feel so blessed to have such a great friend! And even more blessed that we will be able to speak Korean together when we are both back from our missions!


The conference was really insightful.  Sometimes I feel we forget whose children we are.  We are the children of the all powerful all knowing God that created the universe!  He created us, and he didn't create us to fail.

Romans 8
16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:
17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

We are literal joint heirs with Christ :)  We have as much potential as we permit ourselves to have. God wants to give us everything, but he leaves it to use to decided.

2 Tim 2:25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;

When we don't listen to God we betray (oppose) ourselves.  We deny ourselves of the blessings that God wants to freely give us. The sooner we care less of what the world thinks of us the sooner we can become what the Lord has planned for us.

We talked about developing extraordinary faith, because to recieve miracles one needs extraordinary faith right?  So to begin exercising extraordinary faith we need extraordinary prayers.  Praying specifically= we really are specific..For example:

Gift of Tongues.

When I asked for the gift of tongues I expected to learn Korean. Instead the Lord blessed me to be able to handle spicy foods.  If you know me at all you know I am the worst when it comes to spicey foods.... the absolute worst. Here I am eating things that even Koreans think are spicy.  It is a miracle.

Not the gift of tongues I was asking for but a gift of tongues none the less.

Praying for the gift of tongues was not specific enough.To be more specific I need to ask to be able to communicate with people I talk to on the bus/ subway/church praying during conversations etc.

After the conference, I really put that to the test, asked for specfic things like for someone to approach us about the gospel, and to have the ability to communicate to the people I talk to on the subway.  We were approached by two people on the Subway about the gospel, and I was able to talk to 5 other people and had some really awesome conversations, and tell them how much God loves them.  I sat next to this elderly woman on the subway, and I talked to her for a few min and then she shared her food with me!  How sweet is that?  Seriously have no idea what I ate but it was really good and I was so touched by her kind gesture.  Specific prayer is powerful.  I even found my ctr ring from my mom that I lost, and I said a prayer to find it and found it that night as I unfolded my mat.

As we excerise this faith we metaphorically center ourselves on his molding wheel, and he can help us become something beautiful in return.  It doesn't remove our trials. Change hurts sometimes, but it does make our trials purposeful.  But who really wants all of their trials taken away? Kind of defeats the point of being here if we don't have to work for anything.  When we work we certainly appreciate more and grow more too.  Let us become what the Lord wants us to be.  It is greater than we can imagine, better than we could ever planned, when we let him mold us with his almighty hands.


I adore this family! Their little girl is precious!

um, num, num, num

P-day fun!