Sunday, January 31, 2016

Miracles Everywhere!!!


Miracles everywhere!!!!  I love when we just have back to back "coincidences" all over the place! It just lets me know that we are exactly where we need to be. :)   We ran into 2 less actives while walking home with a member from a lesson that I hadn't met before, so it was really awesome! Hopefully we can use that momentum to meet with them! :)

We had the most awesome lesson ever on repentance with our two investigators from Africa.  And one was like I feel something telling me I need to do this and I asked here where she felt that coming from and then she was like ... the spirit! and I was like ya! It was so awesome instead of just telling her she figured it out for herself. and she is excited to get baptized! Love her and her sister both and their faith! :) PREACH REPENTANCE BAPTIZE CONVERTS!

The major lesson of the week was really Patience...... haha patience in finding investigators and everyone get busy for the new year and people drop us and don't meet. we had 6 appt cancel this week.  We keep seeing miracles so I know we are on the right path. :)

Really the theme for this week is just to reach out! reach out to those that don't know about how to find happiness.  Or who are just sad.  Just be friends! :)  Serve everyone. :) Love everyone.  Have a great week!


Sister Shaver

My new companion Sister KimJiYeon is awesome! I love her so much.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Best Valentine's gift EVER

My new companion!

So I forgot my camera..... so you will all get a picture next week.  But Sister Kim Jiyeon is AMAZING!  She is so bold and she speaks perfect English and she is so patient with me and my horrible Korean.  She is also hilarious:)  We are having so much fun :)


Sometimes the Lord just blesses us with really prepared people.  We have two investigators from Africa who are going to get baptized on VALENTINES DAY!!! YAY!!! Best Valentines gift EVER :D They rock!  They read the scriptures and pray everyday!  I'm so proud of everything they are doing.  They are truly working to grow closer to God and I can see and feel that change every time we are together. They have such pure hearts. :)

Quoted conversation of the week:

Elder Grover: When are your baptism?
Sis Shaver: Valentines Day!!!! BEST V day gift ever!
Elder Grover: You would know when that is.
Sis Shaver: Wait... you dont know when Valentines day is?
Elder Grover: I thought it changed every year.
Sis Shaver: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Sunday, January 17, 2016

What Didn't We Do?!?

Well this week We got 2 new investigators that came from member referrals and that is just a few of the tender mercies of the Lord. I really feel that these two African sister investigators will get baptized they are already such dedicated followers of Christ and I know God will answer their prayers as they seek truth. They are miracles.

So my comp and I got kidnapped yesterday haha not really but we went to this wonderful family's house and then they were like hey we are taking you to a Buddhist temple... and we were like?? oh.. okay haha and then we drove out to a Buddhist temple and took pictures and learned about Buddha. It was awesome! Then they were like now you will come see this tomb and we were like.... oh okay! Then we came back and they were like and you will eat with us. and we were like... but but okay... haha Just our awesome lives! That family rocks!  Truly this family is such a great example of missionary work!! And they were sooooo nice to take us out there!! We really appreciated it :)  First time at a Buddhist temple! :)   A Big Thank you all of them!!!

Quotes of the Week:

"You saved me from sinning. If you hadn't given me your food I would have coveted it." - Sister Shaver
"We laugh our past selves to scorn" =So this one sister gave sister Cameron a coat it was really sweet but the funny thing was it was a little tight and she was like "Well if you lose some weight it will fit better" (sister Cameron is in great shape which is why it is funny)

A Tribute to my Companion

So sister Cameron and I have served 6 months together. 6 months!! that is 1/3 of our missions!!! We have seen so many miracles and I have learned so much from her.  She is truly the most loving person EVER. She is truly a charitable person. and I hope someday to have half that much charity.  She is a beaken of light.  Love her so much.  She is going to go do great things in her next area. and she is just amazing :) LOVE YOU SISTER CAMERON!!!

Seoul Tower

The English Village ​So we went with an investigator and some members to this english village where Koreans can practice their English and people from English speaking countries work/live there.  It is super cute! They loved it!


 Monk Temple --She is just sooo cool!!!! our Clara!
We went we just don't have pics yet....

Okay the slide in the background.... lol I need that in my life! that is the 3 floor btw.

 ​This is the cutest child of all time!

More tourist pics

Cat face
"It's amazing how much that looks like your face." -Sister Cameron
imagine me more sad looking... i was pretty much over joyed to find this. haha

Sunday, January 10, 2016


January 10, 2016


Well we just met these two girls who showed up at church that speak english they are from Africa. and they are awesome! GIFT OF TONGUES . I usually have sort of general idea about what is going on at church to be honest its not much... and I translated for them for 2 hours straight.  I could literally feel the gift of tongues and the spirit working through me as I translated what was need for them.  IT WAS SO COOL!

On the Menu

Well not Menu but rather the dinner guests....;)  Sister Lautahaha and I went to the CAT Diner and cats were everywhere! IT WAS SO GREAT HAHAHAHAHA There was a cat sitting on the ice-cream machine haha It was mostly so great cause there would have been an uproar in america. lol But these are the happiest cats ever. You can't pick them up, but you can bribe them with food haha Seriously it was so fun!


So the best part of this week....amazing Sister Kim Soryun got baptized yesterday!!! YAHOO!!! I'm So proud of her! She has grown soooooo much and she is so ready for this step.  I Love her and how hard she worked for this :)  She has such great friends that will support her too.  I love watching the gospel really change lives.  The Gospel grows the light of Christ within us until people are just glowing. It is amazing! I feel like as a missionary we are able to recognize the light in people a lot easier. :) I love being a missionary :)

I love Korea!

 Sister Kim Soryun baptism day

 Its freezing..... poor sister Soryun

Cat Diner! It happened

Costco has 2 levels  Going UP....

Happy New Year from Korea!

January 3, 2016

On the Menu
So my companion and I went to this restaurant and low and behold attached to the receipt was a selfy stick.  THE MEAL COMES WITH A SELFY STICK!  I can't even tell you how much that made my day! haha I am definitely starting a chain that lends you a selfy stick while you wait for your meal.
We couldn't pass up this opportunity to indulge in the culture. so we promptly start trying to get my comps camera to fit in this selfy stick.  The waitress gave us a curious look(okay she had been doing that for a while but now it was especially curious...) but she walked away, but alas! We are selfy stick amateurs! After a min of us fumbling with the selfy stick, she came up to us and was like... "This thing is for cell phones"........ and we were like. "ah yes yes.... but we don't have those"... and she was like : How about I just take your picture?" reluctantly we agreed....  and here is the pic!

Hard Workers
So Koreans win for being the most hard working. Like really.... if you are complaining about school stop and think about Korea... Kids have school from 7am-9 pm..... THAT ISN'T EVEN ENOUGH TIME FOR * HOURS OF REST! They also have half school days Saturday and Sunday!

Anyway, I felt like I was busy before my mission. However, really I hope that after my mission I will be busy in a more constructive way and busy but not so busy that life just disappears... Everything has a season. :)
Stop and smell the roses :)

Hike! We hiked a small mountain thing for New years to see the first sunrise :) it was pretty cool! Fun to get the ward together! :)  We sang my favorite hymn at the top :) Lead Kindly Light :) We then went to this abandoned restraunt and made ramen and K-pancakes! :) classic.  As we say in Korea May you recieve many new years blessings!! :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR =NEW BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!!! It's the new year!! a time of new beginnings! and getting older. Yep in Korea I am 26 now..... I know we just celebrated my birthday in Dec (where I turned 24) but my age didn't actually change in Korea... haha so along with everyone else that was born in 1991 I am now 26. If I had been born 2 weeks later I would be 25. ㅠㅠ not amused.... but anyway, that is how the sushi rolls. But this means YOU also had a birthday!!!! YOU ARE one year older in KOREA! CONGRATS!!! or Condolences.... take your pic... HAPPY NEW BIRTHDAY!!!!


My Comp, myselft and my trainer, at the temple! I am sicker than a dog in this picture. and she gave me her scarf :) we are great friends :)

This is Grandma Koon :) that is a Koon skin hat. tail and all. its amazing haha :)

Fast friends

New Years Hike!

Loves these sisters!



December 27, 2015

Wow what didn't happen this week?


Party! Christmas Eve we had a ward party! it was sooooo fun! best ward party ever! and There was the cutest re enactment of the nativity. Y'all it was as cute as peanuts Christmas.  So precious! the sunbeams were sheep and they decided that sheep should be bahing during the narration. It was the cutest thing we have ever seen!.  We also played super fun games. :)  I love our ward! Oh and they gave us 2 huge boxes of delicious food! and nutella! Nutella is priceless everywhere but especially in Korea haha :)  LOVE LOVE LOVE my ward :)


So the 2 kids on the right are the kids we have been teaching :) they have such honest testimonies, and it has been so awesome to see how being taught the gospel has really helped them change their behavior.  They don't lie now or cheat(usually hehe) but really they have grown sooo much :) I can't wait to see them confirmed next Sunday! CHRISTMAS MIRACLES!

  You can't tell but it is bitter cold... 


So we were blessed to go see the Nutcracker!!! SOOOOO COOL!!! They even had some Korean traditional dances incorporated in it! It was super cool!!! :D and our talented ward member was Claria! She is soooo amazing!!! Love her and her family. We went with her sister who is such an amazing example of member missionary work :) love her!!

At the Nutcracker

Our Claria! so talented!