Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas from Korea!

"So were you once a man?" (random guy on street)
"Nope... no I wasn't" Sister Bell

"The scariest thing you will ever see on your mission is an angry sister missionary"- Elder Christensen to his trainee Elder Benson

Christmas Conference!

So we got to all go to Presidents house for some delicious dinner! :)  Christmas dinner! and best of all Christmas desserts!  SOooooo delicious! and we watched the Christmas devotional :)

We have seen so many miracles as we have done the music night.  I know that the Lord can speak to us through music.  I received so much revelation for myself and for my area from being apart of this production and I feel so blessed to know such amazingly talented people :)

Merry Christmas!

I have been really pondering on a comment that someone said to me while I was proselyting.  I told them about my ATV accident from 2007, and they were like, "Oh of course you believe in a God, because you went through something hard." The way they said it implied that my religion and my faith was a weakness.  I testified of Christ and his atonement.  I have been thinking since then about how to address this woman and a lot of my friends that believe my faith comes from some inadequacy to cope with my problems by myself.  Why is it that many people who have gone through serious trials find faith?  These people generally believe in good and evil, that everything has it's opposite.These people who go through hard things become really well acquainted with the bitter. They know what the evil is, they are acquainted with suffering, and because of this if they are willing they will be able to more easily recognize the sweet, if they don't let themselves get trapped or stuck in the "suffering".  If we don't get trapped by the darkness we will be able to  recognize the light when it comes into our lives.  The light is always and forever will be, Christ no matter what life brings.

I pray this Christmas no matter our circumstances we will be able to recognize His light and cling to it.  "Believe in the light that ye may be the children of light."John 12:36
"Wherefore, I beseech of you, brethren, that ye should search diligently in the light of Christ that ye may know good from evil; and if ye will lay hold upon every good thing, and condemn it not, ye certainly will be a child of Christ." Moroni 7:19

Merry Christmas!

Love to  you all,
Sister Shaver

The Christmas concert

This is the first bed I got to sleep in since I arrived in Korea. I was just a little getty with delight! 
We sleep on the floor on mats. 

With President and Sister Sonksen, myself and Sister Cameron

Monday, December 21, 2015


December 13, 2015

So it was my birthday. BEST BIRTHDAY A MISSIONARY COULD EVER ASK FOR! We had a Christmas music performance, and everyone is soooo good!!! I am so happy just to be apart of it! and then we performed in my zone- so both of the wards I have served in were invited to this one! It was sooooooo awesome to reunite with everyone!!! :D  I love everyone SO much! and I had some very special friends who came out just to see me, and I am so grateful they were able to come! :)
It was amazing to look out into the congregation and know that in some small way I knew over half the people there! and that there were 5 of my investigators or former investigators there. :)  It was an amazing experience.  It really helped me put my mission in perspective :)  I love my mission! I love my areas!  almost cried.

AND I get to see the super talented Sister Soh Jong Yuon  play claira in he Nutcracker next week!!! Gah I am soooo blessed!! :D

Zone Conference a while ago

Christmas Caroling

 Because the Savior was born I was able to serve a Mission

Picking out a hat to stay warm!

 I Love this little guy!

This sister is the best! 

Food that is too cute to eat! 

This is a wonderful sister!

We wrote about Because there is a Savior...

Pictures before it got cold. 

Monday, December 7, 2015


We had the opportunity yesterday to visit someone's mother in the hospital. She is completely alert however she just can't see or speak... That has to be so hard!  We sang her Silent Night in Korean, Which we had been prompted to memorize 3 months ago. I know she felt the spirit, and she even looked like she was crying too.  It was heart wrenching, yet beautiful to know that such a simple act could mean so much.

Life is good! We have been spending some time preparing for the upcoming Christmas performance and that has been really fun to be apart of! LOVE SINGING!!!!  And the other missionaries are SOOOO TALENTED!! Like piano guys good!!!!!!!! gah!!!  It has meant so much to me to be apart of the Christmas devotional.  In the past I have performed with my dad's singing group, MC6 and in American Sign Language perform Mary Did You Know- which is SO pretty in ASL. Being in this music concert reminds me of that and how we can help others come to Christ through music.   The spirit has been so strong!!!

Sing lots for me!!!!

Sister Shaver

Merry Christmas!!!!!

the best name of a school ever

Favorite restaurant!!!!!

Best name for a school! haha

It snowed!!!

The Other half of Kim Jang

It's like surgery


 Watching the master work.