Monday, November 30, 2015

What Making Kim Chi for a Year looks Like!

November 29, 2015

On the menu

I sang last Saturday.but alas!! I had a cold!! My voice was gone! But Korean tradition says I should eat a raw egg.. would I do it? yes ... yes I would haha it worked! but for like 2 hours by the time the performance came around I felt like a dying cat, but that's okay haha I think it went . . . not awful. Besides Koreans are really nice so if I did bad they would still tell me I did awesome! Love them all! haha :)

Learned Skill

Yup!  So I can now put my contacts in, in the time in takes to ride the elevator down from our apartment on the 14 floor... haha awesome!

Kim Jang!!! The process of making kim chi. You make kim chi for the whole year at once haha.

Elders singing with the youth at music night!

Such a great family!!! :D

Soooo Generous!

November 22, 2015

On the Menu!

So this past week was crazy! I was taken to an all you can eat meat buffet twice! The people in this area are sooooooo generous and nice! love them! You cook the meat yourself and make little lettuce wraps with some kimchi! sooo good!

We also had a ward meat party haha soo good. :)

America take notes.

jk This could already be a thing in america idk... but we have heated floors in our apartment!!! coolest ever!!!!  I can just leave my blanket on it for a while and then walah! Instant hot blanket! Its the best. it also heats up my bed since the mat is on the floor haha :)

Quick rant on cell phones

I was thinking about the devil is so good at isolating people using technology... People are literally sardined into trains and yet completely isolated.  It is so sad to me that people seem terrified when I say hi to them when they are fb or texting on their phone(this is in america too).  I realized how addicted I was to technology before my mission! gah! So scary! anyways moral of the story is moderation :)  Keep being awesome!!!

Sister Shaver

ITS THE MAP!!!!!!  Its finally up! and hasn't fallen down on me yet!!! :D 1 week goin strong!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stay Away from Candy ;)

Lost in Translation..........

So I haven't had a Lost in Translation section in way too long.... haha
So I was talking to this nice woman on the train, and she had some adorable kids that were struggling to sit still, and I had some extra candy from America that I figured I would share, and so I asked this mother if her children like candy... but instead of candy I said Satan......... In my defense they are really close in Korean.... Satang is candy Saton is Satan.... anyway she was like O.O SATAN?! and I was like oops must have said the wrong one... and quickly held up my innocent jolly ranchers.... and she was like Oh Satang (which really in Korean they have what is called swallowed consonants,... it is like the opposite of enunciating... so it all sounds the same sometimes(the g is a swallowed consonant)) anyway.... haha Stay away from Candy everyone.......


There is this diner... I might have wrote you about it so if you read about it quick sorry. hahaha  So there is this Diner that literally is cat themed... Dad would have a heart attack and keel over...... There are real live cats EVERYWHERE like just running around on the tables. We walked by and this cat was just sitting on the table licking itself....  Like there were cats EVERWHERE... I wanted to go inside soooo bad!!! but my comp hates cats lol . BUT they have a dog one!! We have to go I decided! haha


I feel like I have learned the power of a simple testimony on my mission.  Since in Korean I really can't give what I would as a powerful testimony decorated with intellectual knowledge and studying, I have to rely of what it really comes down to.  Too often I find myself trying to create this logical argument for the gospel being true, but the thing is no matter how strong that logic is, it will only speak to the mind.  While being converted in your mind is necessary,  Where it really counts is your heart. I know that Christ is my Savior. I know that through him I have been saved from my sins.  I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and he knows us perfectly.  I bare my witness that Christ's atonement can heal us from all of our pains.  As we accept Christ, surrender our will to His, we will find ourselves more happier than we could have been, because we will be fulfilling our potential.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that through him the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored.  I bear this witness in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Our Awesome Zone

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Missions are awesome!

yuckshe me(basically means classic Sister Shaver)
Well... so this one time someone was blowing up a balloon behind me with a pump and didn't know they were small balloons and it popped at head level....... I dropped to the floor like North Korea had just sent a missile...  Everyone was very very amused...

On the menu
Donuts!!! So We had this donut eating contest and I won the title of professional donut eater.... still not sure how I feel about that one, but one of the elders took it from me eventually, so I feel a little better haha.

Missions are awesome!

Well what is cool about a mission is that you can just call the Holy Ghost whenever you want as long as you are being obedient. it is really cool!!! We were so busy talking to someone that we missed our bus stop so we got off and I had this feeling we needed to go and knock on doors old school style, but really we had landed in the middle of Nowheresville and my companion was like..... O.o we do? haha we had some awesome experiences though!! For example, we met this sister who was Buddhist, and she was really nice and gave us juice, and we also gave someone a book of Mormon. However, afterward we had NO idea how to get home... and then the Lord sent us a taxi... We were in the middle of no where and this taxi who had is sweet elderly woman in the car pulled over and was like do you need a taxi? and we were like... YES! haha it was cool and we had a great gospel conversation with him on the way back to civilization.

Korea weird thing...
So Koreans tell kids if they play with fire before bed they will wet the bed.  Therefore they will find you out and you will get in trouble for playing with fire haha.  Careful kids....

Happy Halloween!


Ilsan reunion! 
Elder Hong!

Elder Ryu! MTC buddies!

Korean Mom

 Polka dot crew

​Okay it was too perfect haha #badfamilyphotos #twinsies

Our District

Celebrating Sister Camerons 9 month mark!!! With delivery= potato pizza! :D