Sunday, March 27, 2016


On the Menu
Yep have not had one of these "Menu" post in a while.... but seriously this one wins........


I had 번데기 bondahgi  OH MY GROSS I think I have literally been okay with everything I have eaten, but this one...... nope I can't I am sorry Korea... I am so sorry.... I really tried!  Anyway, for those of you who do know what that is. It is a silk worm cocoon.... They cook it of course. which I honestly didn't think sounded that bad... however, it literally smells like horse manure... and after you bite down its guts squirt everywhere and it is not jamba juice(쥬씨)...  but it was on my bucket list.....Done did that.

ate that..  


I am especially gratefully for this Easter season. As I have been singing in the Easter music night choir I have had a lot of time to sit and think about life/death/the life to come and the reason we can do any of it.  Particularly because we had a close family friend lose her life in the terrorist attack in Brussels. My heart is aching for her family that still remain in the hospital.  The only solace being that I know I and they will see her again, and that she will be reunited with her family in the next life.
I pray that we all take the time to do the things we keep putting off.  Sending a text, saying I love you, calling up an old friend, visiting your grandparents, doing your best with everything you do. May we not take the opportunities that God has given us for granted.  May we remember it is because of Christ we can have peace in this life no matter what we are asked to bear,  He will walk with us and even carry us when we need Him.

Sister Shaver

Sweet trainee in my zone! Can't wait for exchange opportunity with her!

MY MTC comp

My District

Lovely Sister from Choir

Traditional Korean Dance


Quote of the week.
"Stop using facts!" yonghwan

"Well you better get ride of those glasses when you go home so you can get married." Mission leader to one of the return missionaries. hahaha

"You don't have the priesthood, so you can't wash the dishes" bishop to me as I was washing dishes haha the brethren in the ward always wash the dishes for ward functions, but I didn't know.

So our street boarding activity out in choonchon went amazing!!!! We got to talk to so many people!!! I was sooooo happy that it went so well!!! :D We had a nerf gun activity and a #hallelujah sign that was really cool! Everyone loved it of all ages! We also had an Easter egg decorating activity and we ran out of eggs!!!!  SO fun and such a good way to get out there a promote Easter and to show people we are normal...well relatively ;)

Small World!!
So I was NOT in my area coming home from an appt by the temple. My companion and I were walking and we saw some foreigners and my comp was like, haha so weird seeing foreigners and I was like, "Ya, haha they all look the same now." but then we turned the corner and I was like... Wait... I think I know that guy..... and Then Kirt McKay was like Hey Shantel!  I was so startled!! hahaha  So funny to meet in the middle of this random subway station not even in my area haha.  small world!!

I also had the beautiful opportunity to join in dancing with these wonderful sisters of our ward. I was honored that they had asked me to participate. I will treasure this experience.  Photo credit goes to the wonderful Annaliza Zarcilla! Thank you Liza!

Annaliza Zarcilla, fellow missionaries and new friends!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


"I don't snore. I may purr, but I don't snore" -Sister Sonksen

Really a lot of funny and awesome adventures happened but I kinda ran out of time....... sorry everyone....


The Elders just had a baptism for someone from the Philippines! It was so awesome! All the people originally from the Philippines but living in Korea came from all over Korea to see him get baptized! They had never even talked to him and traveled, some up to 3 hours, for his baptism! It was such an amazing example of discipleship :)  They just had so much love and you could tell that Benji really could feel God's love for him through their kindness and selflessness :)  I will never forget it :)

So one miracle is this LA we found through a referral!! She is an LA and she has adorable kids and says she will come to our music night! She hasn't been to church in over 20 years or so! She is so sweet!! I love her and her daughters!!!  I hope we can help her regain that testimony that she had 20 years ago :)  Miracles are everywhere! I wish I had time to tell you about all of them! :)

Love to you all!

Sister Shaver

Last District!

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Quotes of the week
Wow this is so sad..
Our lives..
(we spent 40 min trying to get food to deliver to us cause there was no food in the house)

Talented people
So this high school student I just met showed me this really cool way for memorizing vocab, but then he kinda became my drill Sargent on memorizing vocab haha  I watched him literally memorized like 15 words in 2 min.  and he speaks perfect English. so talented!

Prayer!  Isn't if funny how we always end up back at the basics?  I don't know how many times the Lord needs to re-humble me, but I find myself needing to pray a lot.  So the scriptures actually tell us what we need to pray for...  Charity, hope and Faith.  Really if we have those three things everything else happens.  So basic a child can understand it, but so complex that it will take a life time to figure it out.

Love you all.

Sister Shaver

Street boarding in last area.

My new companion! She is from Australia! 

Transfers and Sister Training Leader

February 28, 2016

I've been called to be a STL and will be transferring this week. I am so sad to leave this area, words cannot describe how I feel. I am happy to serve the Lord as a STL in my new area. I am sure I will love it there as well. Lots to do on this p-day to get ready. :)

​Last P day!!! I drove a go cart! :D

  Eng class!!! Seriously eng family love these guys

My Young Woman and Young men :)

 Awesome kids!

 Ward Counsel :) Love these sisters!

Lost . . . we got stuck in the middle of no where waiting for a bus 
in the freezing cold for like 40 min haha