Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Week at the MTC!

HI! How do I sum up my first week at the MTC?! Well first off shout out to those that already wrote me!! I love hearing about your lives, and insights in scriptures, MTC life, mission life, and real life ;). Unfortunately I am not observant and just realized all the home addresses are written on the top of the emails... haha. so I will write back now. :)
Well first off, my companion is the BEST companion EVER and I mean that! She is from Australia, and she is a twins with another sister in a district!!! Different missions!! CRIKEY!!! (I received permission before saying that) She is so insightful and also was already studying Korean before her call!! So she has been really helpful and patient with me as I catch up. :) Isn't she adorable?!
This is my district.
Yes there is only one elder(insert 20 million circumstantial rules here). They are hilarious and I feel blessed to be edified by their strong testimonies in Christ. :)
UPLIFTING So while I was feeling really discouraged about the language we bought Korean hymnals, and the first song in the hymnal is the song my grandmother wrote!!! It was a tender mercy that filled me with love for my grandmother and songs of praise. It reminded me how much God know our needs and that he does have a plan. Some would call it a coincidence, I would call it a little miracle. :)

FUNNY I won't spend a lot of time on this but, the food. I have a vs that sums it up nicely. Jer 4:19... I'll just say it is a good thing we are feasting on the good word cause it is the only nourishment in this place haha.... jk... sorta. I have become good friends with the salad bar and the guacamole. :)

OKAY so learning Korean... As Shayley would say, " The struggle is real." It is seriously the hardest language I have ever studied. yay for new alphebets, completely backwards sentence structure and new sounds that I physically can hear. Good thing we have the gift tongues!!
While learning though it is rough. If i were learning english the conversation would be going like this. Teacher: Sister Shaver, what is the i before e rule? Sister Shaver: I before e.... Always... Teacher: What are you a sweet spirit sister? Sister Shaver: Apparently! Teacher: It is i befroe e except after c and when sounding like ay in neighbors and weigh, and on holidays and all throughout May and you will always be wrong no matter what you say! Sister Shaver: That's a hard rule... #brianReagangetsme #strugglebus

Lucky for me I have really patient and awesome teachers haha. I am so grateful for their awesome teaching skills. I'll get it eventually. The Lord decided I needed humbling... haha Okay I know I promised comics, and i have a comic worthy story just need to draw it. I might have earned a nickname... but. In the meme time....
Also, Scripture of the Day 3rd Nephi 13:34 :)

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