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9.11 Reflection

September 13, 2015

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A little late but still felt like sharing

Every time 9.11 passes it still really causes me to reflect.  So many lives were lost that day.  The horror that shoook the city of New York and America.  I pray for the families that still have a hole and that are still affected everyday by what took place that day.  I was really young, only in 4th grade, but I remember that day vividly.  Getting in the van with everyone tuned into the news in terror.  I was still at the age where everything revolved around me, and since I knew my Dad has left that morning on a plane I started to panic that it was my father.  I remember gathering in a circle hands clasped with my other 4th grade friends and taking turns saying prayers.  All different faiths united in our belief that God would answer our prayers.  As we prayed for each other and for our families, our country, and those that needed help, we eventually gained the peace we desired.

As I reflected on that experience, I asked myself, "What did we learn? and what has really changed?"  Simply the location of the disaster, and wars and rumors of wars? Certainly the world is only getting more and more chaotic.  The suffering of children or of families has not ceased.  Wars still range, lives are still lost even if it isn't on our doorstep.  Surely the leaders of the world could still use the help of an all knowing God.  Yet it isn't until the harsh reality knocks on our door that we remember to pray to God for others welfare and not just our own.

In the Book of Mormon it is the minority of believers faith that prevents the nation from falling under destruction.  May we seek to be more aware of our fellow man.  Remember the Lord our God and send a prayer for someone else who night need an extra one. It is completely free and has a scriptural guarantee.

Love you!

Sister Shaver

 Cute Kids every where!

I would like to say that we were role playing . . . nope I have no idea what I was doing. The elder was "stealing" my camera. :P

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