Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Communication . . . it's a Thing

Quotes of the week

"Friendly competition my foot! This is war!"

"I don't want to be a doctor. well I kinda want to be a doctor, Okay I really want to be a doctor I just don't want to go to school...."- -Me (submitted by Sister Cameron)

"She just needs to know who she are..." -Me (also submitted by Sister Cameron--as you can see I am slowly digressing. Soon I will probably be speaking only gibberish that is neither Korean nor English...)


Communication. Basically the fundamental building block of society.  If that is gone a relationship is gone. It is a universal pattern that continues into every aspect of our lives.  And so often we forget that without this everything else falls apart.  There is no planning, no shared experience, no advice, no guidance, no service, gift exchange, comfort, understanding or forgiveness.  And the most fundamental form of communication is prayer.  It doesn't even have to be a whisper it can just be within our mind.  But through prayer we converse with the most powerful being in the universe, who fortunately loves us and wants our happiness. Through prayer we can plan our lives and receive the guidance we need.  I have seen this principal in my own life and I know that through prayer we can watch our faith grow, see miracles, and receive the blessings we didn't know we were going to be blessed with.  "mighty faith begins with might prayer"   :)

Scripture for the week
2 nep 32:9

The place where the last empress was assassinated.

On our way to Badmitton

Short doors



 Converting the Royal Palace

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