Sunday, February 14, 2016

"You look like an american princess... in a hambok."

Quote of the weeks

Me: you look like a Korean princess!
Sister KimJiYeon "You look like an American princess... in a hambok."


Well we planned to have 2 members at this lesson with our french speaking investigator. One speaking french and the other the person who refereed her and they both bailed(not on purpose just got busy :) They are awesome) So it was us and the pamphlets and the spirit.  IT WAS amazing!!!! seriously.  We got to the part in the pamphlet that really confused her and she just ........ looks as me.... and is like O.o but.............we explained a little more and then opened to the scripture and she was like, Oooh I see, and the spirit taught her. It was AMAZING!  She started baring her testimony of the book of Mormon and how it was restored truth and that "those people, they changed it!" :) she wants to tell everyone about the book of Mormon. It is so awesome :) Love her!  Talk about the spirit being the teacher.

We have been really applying this, asking people to identify the thoughts and trying to get them to figure out for themselves that it is the spirit.  It has been so cool. Our investigator has a really powerful experience with fasting.  We wouldn't have ever known that if we hadn't been listening to the spirit and asked the question.  She is super awesome! :)  She wants to repent and be better and she will be getting baptized this month! probably the 21st. :)


It is new years!!! Again!!! :D Yay!!! Start of new things!!! For more about the holiday go to wiki.... or google... cause You can do that. haha  I love this holiday.  It is so fun.  I am wearing the traditional clothes even.  Really it is a day to celebrate the ancestors. :) I am really enjoying getting to know the culture surrounding the holiday.  I especially love being apart of it :)  We also had a conference today! I got to see my old comp and other friends from the mission. :) So much fun.

I can't believe I hit my year mark next!!! It's freaking me out at how fast my mission is going!

Well Have a wonderful new year!!!

새해 많이 받으세요!

Companion Reunion at Conference 

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