Sunday, January 31, 2016

Miracles Everywhere!!!


Miracles everywhere!!!!  I love when we just have back to back "coincidences" all over the place! It just lets me know that we are exactly where we need to be. :)   We ran into 2 less actives while walking home with a member from a lesson that I hadn't met before, so it was really awesome! Hopefully we can use that momentum to meet with them! :)

We had the most awesome lesson ever on repentance with our two investigators from Africa.  And one was like I feel something telling me I need to do this and I asked here where she felt that coming from and then she was like ... the spirit! and I was like ya! It was so awesome instead of just telling her she figured it out for herself. and she is excited to get baptized! Love her and her sister both and their faith! :) PREACH REPENTANCE BAPTIZE CONVERTS!

The major lesson of the week was really Patience...... haha patience in finding investigators and everyone get busy for the new year and people drop us and don't meet. we had 6 appt cancel this week.  We keep seeing miracles so I know we are on the right path. :)

Really the theme for this week is just to reach out! reach out to those that don't know about how to find happiness.  Or who are just sad.  Just be friends! :)  Serve everyone. :) Love everyone.  Have a great week!


Sister Shaver

My new companion Sister KimJiYeon is awesome! I love her so much.

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