Monday, May 18, 2015

"I Cant Believe I Ate That"

Awko Taco

Alright so we went to this investigators house, and I have no idea what the conversation is about, and then this older sister looks at me and asks if I want Juice, and the american in me kicked in and in english I say I am good. Well my companion is kinda behind the investigator and gives me this look like accept the juice and motions with her hands like she is drinking something, so then I am like oh yes in Korean. So luckily I made the mistake in english lol but I almost caused a huge offense...oops.  ALWAYS ACCEPT THE JUICE.

I Can't Believe I Ate That

So on day four of being in Korea, my companion orders us a soup, and when it comes out I look at it. The first thing that comes to mind is. That has got to be octipus or squid or something... It wasn't. Turns out it was actually Cow intestines. And then there was this square sponge thing that she told me to break apart, and I made the mistake of asking what it was and she said it was Cow blood... Okay I am down for a lot of things, but that caused a certain amount of hesitation. As I talked to her more about it, it was discovered it was Cow liver. Not cow blood. Which is significantly better from where I am standing. It was actually pretty good. Mentally it was a challenge haha.

Also, the people at the resturant were like she is a foreigner. She won't be used to it. And they all watched me intently on how I would react. I tried to play it off as nanchilantly as possible haha. Although idk how good I did. Especially because I am still so clumbsy with chopsticks, which I use at every meal. I am chopstick challenaged ... My hand cramped the other day. Haha but it is getting better. My companion just sits there and laughs with me haha.


This one is kinda short, but just a reminder that even when you are literally on the otherside of the world and you don't understand anyone. God loves you and he is always there for you when you turn your heart to him completely.

When we got here we were given a book of mormon and asked to hand it out along with pass along cards. Yes jetlagged and exhausted we hopped on the subway to talk to people in a language we still didnt know. Haha Someone even told me I was going to go to ... ah where people "burn",  but besides that it was a really good experience. :) I saw someone who I felt I was suppose to talk to and so I started this conversation about music while on the bus. He gave me a curious look, and the Sister with me helped me out, but I asked if he would accept the Book of Mormon and he did! It was awesome. I hope he reads it, but if not I know he felt the spirit, cause you dont need to speak the same language to feel that.

Quote of the Day:

“We don't need to know the same language to love”-Me


Korea Airplane food

We arrived!

President and Sister Christensen

You can't tell but there a heads on those fish. :P

Awesome Companion Sister Lee!

Sister Lee is a great cook. :)

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