Friday, May 1, 2015

It's all about time

Time. It has to be one of the most perplexing concepts that man has constructed. I feel like the MTC is a simultaneously a wormwhole of awesome or being forced to watching paint dry. there is no in between. Looking back it doesnt seem long but looking ahead I still have 11 days. It is like the laws of physics don't work here.  If someone were to start floating I would be like oh okay gravity doesn't apply here either and accept it and move on with my life.  Although then I would probably think about ender's game.

If you know me at all, you know I am not a super patient person when it comes to a lot of things... It isn't my virtue of choice, which is probably why the Lord in his infinite wisdom sent me Korean speaking. Also, this is the longest I have stayed in one city/state in 2 or 3 years. Moral of the story is I have been trying to obtain this virtue, well trying might be a stretch... but sometimes we need a little push to learn the things that we don't want to.

I was going to write this deep spiritual thing about learning to wait, but I didnt have the patience for it. so here are some pictures.

Pictures! :D

The traveling skirt!  This skirt has been passed down from Korean District to Korean District, and all the sisters who have worn it sign the inside :) It is awesome and fits everyone.

The real star of this selfie is the Australian in the background ;)

This is the cove I engineered to block out the light from the street light outside our window. Probably the best idea I have had the entire time I have been here. #engineering #totallywortha4yeardegree

Sisterly love! And a walk to the Temple

Just kidding. I do have some thoughts. but first let's talk about the one time our sister training leader got her wisdom teeth pulled.

Once Upon an Aussie

My comapnion's twin sister, Sister S. Tuinukuafe, had her wisdom teeth pulled. I won't share too much, but she was out of it for a full 24 hours to the point she did not know who she was, she didn't know she was a missionary, she didn't even know she had a twin! It was pretty funny. When asked who Sister Sweetnam was she responded,
"my cat"
Sister Schur?
"my mouse"

Possibly my favorite was watching her take off down the hallway to another room, with her faithful companion not to far behind trying to convince her to come to bed, but Sister Tuinukuafe(sister training leader) shut the door behind her and tried not to have anyone open it. Eventually she decided she would go to bed, but only "because she wanted to".
She also thought she was 12 the first day, and then when she woke up she said," I had a dream that I was telling everyone I was 12... but I'm 17 yo!" (she is 19)
she still hadn't recovered, but at least she was 17 now and she knew she had a twin. at the 24 hour mark she mentally woke up, and didn't remember anything that happened!
We had some good times.


What is the root of patiences?

We are going to go with love. I am sure there are a lot of factors to cause one to be patient, but loving where you are at in life or loving people you need patience with can help us when we feel like we are enduring. When we put our expectations on life and other people we no longer see life as it is but as we are.  That projection leads to frustration cause we are living in a reality that doesn't align with the real world. When we change what we can, and then accept the rest it becomes significantly more enjoyable. and it is better to enjoy every part of life right? Time will ensure the rest happens on its own, but the time currently given to us is precious. Along with having love we need hope. Hope that it will work out and hope in Christ. Sometimes we forget what we already knew, and we need an extra reminder.
D&C 6:22-23 This is my scripture of the week. Remember and RECORD the times of strength and confirmation, so you have them as a reminder in the times of forgetfulness and weakness. :)

Sister Shaver adventuring

Well I kinda want to draw a comic for this too, but I am running out of time for such things. but I will leave it at this. I left the MTC today for a foot appointment and felt like I have grown awkward. I can only hope that it is the kind of awkward that is adorkable, but when I get back I will let you be the judge :P


Old Friends

So ran into this fine Elder! It was so nice to see a face from home. Elder Speakman always has a smile on his face that is contagious! So glad our MTC time overlapped! He is going to be an amazing missionary!

Cousin!? Pictured in last weeks post.

So minding my own business at the MTC when out of the corner of my eye I see someone I feel like I know. They already had walked passed me but I called out his name anyway and figured if it wasn't him he wouldnt know the difference right? haha
BUT it was my cousin Nathan!!! I totally had forgotten he works at the MTC. It was good to see him too :)

New Friends!

So the Native Korean Missionaries came in yesterday, they are here 12 days and leave with us. there is one sister, who is staying with me and my companion. She is the sweetness, and between our broken Korean and the little english she knows we have become fast friends. It has been a wonderful opportunity to actually use my Korean and trying to organize my brain to adjust to the grammar.

Peace signs! roomies

Quotes of the week:

"Korean is like an onion. They both have layers, but not like cake."

"write your own happily ever after" -Brother Brian Soids

"It takes a real man to drive a rainbow truck" - Sister Schur

"There is nothing as whole as a broken heart" - Jewish Proverb

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