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Learn All the Things

Left to Teach and here is What I Learned

So from hanging around with the Korean missionaries this is what I have learned so far.  I walk really fast. Whenever we walk anywhere it takes us forever to get there, cause we Americans just move really fast. Not really sure what my hurry is, already I am learning that I need to stop and smell the roses(metaphorically of course).

Lost in Translation

So we were shopping/translating for Sister Lee and when they gave her change she expressed that they don't have coins in Korea and she didn't know what to do with them. I was ringing my purchases up at the time and she asked how much the Kit Kat was, she had enough to buy one in change, and she said in English she would buy this.  So I grabbed her one and finished the purchase.  When I gave it to her she looked at me in confusion and said, "No No this is for you." pushing it back to me, and I was like "but now I already have one, so you can have it" and gave it back. She then took it and put it in the tip jar.  It was probably the funniest thing that happened in the MTC.

Once upon an Aussie
After running some errands during lunch we only had 15 min to get our food and eat it before class starts so I said
Me: "Ah! We are going to have to eat like the wind!"
and my companion said,
Sister Tui:"but I dont want to eat like the wind I want to eat like a wombat."
Me: "a wombat?"
Sister Tui: "ya dont you know what I wombat is?"
Sister Tui:"they eat very slowly"
Me: "Good to know"

While Adventuring

This poem was what I wrote in the doctors office while waiting to know the foot condition that would determine if I could continue to serve in Korea.

Here's to Hope

A firm hold on today

a belief in a brighter tomorrow

whatever comes our way

we have no need for sorrow

For in Christ we find our joy

and through him there is nothing we can't bare

We need not fear he who seeks to destroy

for we are forever in God's care

So pick up your head

and raise your voice

and echo what has been said

Rejoice the Lord is King again we say rejoice

(dedicated to Bev Shaver the best mom ever)

(written by Shantel Shaver)


Ever since I was 15 I have always felt a deep respect for Joseph Smith.  I always respected him and admired him, but when I was 15 and faced my own severe physical challenges I always saw him as someone who could relate.  This past week we worked on memorizing the first vision in Korean.  Poor Joseph Smith never got a break in life or death. I don't know another name that has so much spoken for both good and evil in the world.  In conclusion, this week seemed to have a focus centered on the life of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith had anything but an easy life.  Even in just getting to Palmyra where the first vision took place was a journey of hardship, betrayal, and misfortune for the Smith family.  When Joseph Smith was about 8 years old he had a serious infection in the bone of his leg and the only solution was amputation. His mother pleaded that they try an experimental surgery, they said they would, and then said they should give Joseph alcohol, he refused it saying all he needed was his father’s hand and for his mother to leave the house.  He had more strength as an 8 year old boy than I had as a 15 year old. Granted our challenges were the same and I am so grateful that was not expected of me, but I feel anyone should be able to admire a child for having that much strength and discipline.  He then spent the next 3 years recovering from that surgery which including the family’s move to Palmyra without their father who went on ahead to get things settled.  That journey alone was almost fatal for Joseph as the person they had hired to help them kicked Joseph off their own wagon to make room for some local women.  Still recovering he limped behind.  Eventually they ended up with a different group headed to the same place. Somehow Joseph was separated, and one of the other drivers hit Joseph over the head and left him for dead.  The only reason Joseph even made it to Palmyra was because a nameless stranger carried him into the town, where he would see the Lord God and his son Jesus Christ.(MTC devotional)

Joseph Smith also was not perfect, and several times in the D&C is rebuked for not hearkening to the word of the Lord. The most memorable of these time is when the first 115 pages of the Book of Mormon are lost by Martin Harris.  I don’t think I knew the circumstances surrounding that time in Joseph Smith’s life.  His child had just died, he came dangerously close to losing his wife, and he himself had been so grieved that his health was failing as well.  I don’t believe any of us would have done better under any circumstance, but for him to be so humble and teachable is something I really admire.   And from that revelation on we see a new resolve in Joseph Smith.  He was truly a remarkable and generous man.  Even the man who bore testimony against him that caused him to be thrown into Liberty Jail,where he stayed for 6 months not being able to stand upright and in horrible living conditions, was readily forgiven from the humble prophet inside that jail cell.  This man later went on to write “Praise to the Man” upon the prophet’s martyrdom.  I hope I can one day be that willing to forgive.  That willing to give my life entirely to the Lord, and so trusting, that the cares of the world no longer affect me.

The MTC speaker was the son of Elder Holland.  And my favorite quote that I will leave you with is this:
“Your lives need not be perfect, to be powerful”

Quotes of the Week

So Elder Gildae is a red head and has so many quotes about it he probably should get his own section called once upon a red head, but this will suffice.
"Mufassa, Simba, both red heads, Scar? not a red head. Hercules, Ariel red heads keep good company"

"Red heads never hide their light under a bushel"

Sister Sweetnam asked, "How was it getting hit by the language train?"
the response : " Just relax and let it run you over."

Sister Hatch as she was giving me her hair dryer before she left
"Just give it a few good whacks and it will start working"

 Picture time!

SIster Amende and I make the best faces :P Love this pictures 

 Sister Lee drew this picture of me haha I sing a lot :P oh and that is my name in Korean! :)

Best teachers and district ever!! :D

 Sister Fiso and I :)

The challenge

​Seriously the funniest :D

Closest I get to science now a days :P

​#cleaning #chemicals

SIster Lee!!! She is the best

Young Joseph and his surgery
D&C 3

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