Monday, August 24, 2015

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Quote of the Week
"You and the horse share the same soul" -Sister 이윤희

On the Menu.
So Korean watermelon is somehow ... dare I say it? superior to American watermelon.  Korean watermelons are just soooo sweet!!! om nom nom!
chicken soup. so when it rains Koreans eat chicken soup or dog soup. havent had the chance to try dog soup yet. haha
Paris Baguette!! I bet there are some in America. go find one. they are amazing... not very Korean... but really delicous haha :) When I find a good Korean food chain that is in America I will let you know.

In the News
So there is some political tension over here...  but Koreans are awesome. It is just business as usual over here. :)  I feel totally safe :)  It has given me the opportunity to think a lot about how prepared we are to meet God in a deeper way than I have thought about it in a while.  How spiritually confident are we?

My sister sent me this email that I thought really went with my thoughts,

In Brad Wilcox talk "His Grace is Sufficient" he states that he has been told,
 “You Mormons are trying to earn your way to heaven.”
He says, “No, we are not earning heaven. We are learning heaven. We are preparing for it (see D&C 78:7). We are practicing for it.”

This life is made to practice to learn to " hope for a better world" ( Ether 12:4) How can we learn heaven? It is by grace, so how can we be saved by Grace? By letting His Grace change us. I want to learn heaven I testify  that is by doing what the Savior has asked and told us to do, have Faith , Repent or change your heart to aline your will with His, to follow not only His example but His perfect example of being baptized, receiving His peace, the Holy Ghost and to Endure, Always. My prayer is that we can all do this with Christ by our side, let Him be "yoked" with you. Let Him in!"

Exactly! When we let in Christ we become qualified through Christ and through His atonement we can prepare ourselves for heaven.  It has been a really sweet experience to watch people draw closer to Christ.  Truly through Him we can overcome the trials and imperfections of this moral experience and prepare for the next life.

 I'm a little tea pot....

 The family resemblance is striking. right!?

 Palace P-day!

                                                                 Daw Companions!

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