Monday, December 7, 2015


We had the opportunity yesterday to visit someone's mother in the hospital. She is completely alert however she just can't see or speak... That has to be so hard!  We sang her Silent Night in Korean, Which we had been prompted to memorize 3 months ago. I know she felt the spirit, and she even looked like she was crying too.  It was heart wrenching, yet beautiful to know that such a simple act could mean so much.

Life is good! We have been spending some time preparing for the upcoming Christmas performance and that has been really fun to be apart of! LOVE SINGING!!!!  And the other missionaries are SOOOO TALENTED!! Like piano guys good!!!!!!!! gah!!!  It has meant so much to me to be apart of the Christmas devotional.  In the past I have performed with my dad's singing group, MC6 and in American Sign Language perform Mary Did You Know- which is SO pretty in ASL. Being in this music concert reminds me of that and how we can help others come to Christ through music.   The spirit has been so strong!!!

Sing lots for me!!!!

Sister Shaver

Merry Christmas!!!!!

the best name of a school ever

Favorite restaurant!!!!!

Best name for a school! haha

It snowed!!!

The Other half of Kim Jang

It's like surgery


 Watching the master work. 

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