Sunday, March 27, 2016

Traditional Korean Dance


Quote of the week.
"Stop using facts!" yonghwan

"Well you better get ride of those glasses when you go home so you can get married." Mission leader to one of the return missionaries. hahaha

"You don't have the priesthood, so you can't wash the dishes" bishop to me as I was washing dishes haha the brethren in the ward always wash the dishes for ward functions, but I didn't know.

So our street boarding activity out in choonchon went amazing!!!! We got to talk to so many people!!! I was sooooo happy that it went so well!!! :D We had a nerf gun activity and a #hallelujah sign that was really cool! Everyone loved it of all ages! We also had an Easter egg decorating activity and we ran out of eggs!!!!  SO fun and such a good way to get out there a promote Easter and to show people we are normal...well relatively ;)

Small World!!
So I was NOT in my area coming home from an appt by the temple. My companion and I were walking and we saw some foreigners and my comp was like, haha so weird seeing foreigners and I was like, "Ya, haha they all look the same now." but then we turned the corner and I was like... Wait... I think I know that guy..... and Then Kirt McKay was like Hey Shantel!  I was so startled!! hahaha  So funny to meet in the middle of this random subway station not even in my area haha.  small world!!

I also had the beautiful opportunity to join in dancing with these wonderful sisters of our ward. I was honored that they had asked me to participate. I will treasure this experience.  Photo credit goes to the wonderful Annaliza Zarcilla! Thank you Liza!

Annaliza Zarcilla, fellow missionaries and new friends!

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  1. I'm Young Hwan! I hope it's miss typing haha.
    And you with 한복,flower were absolutely charming.