Sunday, March 6, 2016


Quotes of the week
Wow this is so sad..
Our lives..
(we spent 40 min trying to get food to deliver to us cause there was no food in the house)

Talented people
So this high school student I just met showed me this really cool way for memorizing vocab, but then he kinda became my drill Sargent on memorizing vocab haha  I watched him literally memorized like 15 words in 2 min.  and he speaks perfect English. so talented!

Prayer!  Isn't if funny how we always end up back at the basics?  I don't know how many times the Lord needs to re-humble me, but I find myself needing to pray a lot.  So the scriptures actually tell us what we need to pray for...  Charity, hope and Faith.  Really if we have those three things everything else happens.  So basic a child can understand it, but so complex that it will take a life time to figure it out.

Love you all.

Sister Shaver

Street boarding in last area.

My new companion! She is from Australia! 

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  1. Talented kid is me?! Haha
    I just know the efficient way.
    I wanted to teach you the mothod in detail. But we didn't have time enough.
    I promise I'll make you 'memorizer' next time.