Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just Decaffeinate!

April 3, 2016

On the menu

So we got a surprise meal by these really sweet amazing members.  They are really the coolest.  They were feeding us fruit that was delicious, and then one of the elders happened to be allergic. So the sweet sister pops up from her place on the floor and is like I have just the thing; runs to the kitchen and grabs a fresh sweet potato.  It was the most adorable thing ever.  So she cut up this raw sweet potato and was convincing us that they don't need to be cooked haha.  Basically it tasted like a starchy carrot.  We will just say some of the missionaries were more excited than others for the experience ... haha but hey learn something new everyday.

Quotes of the Week

Every time the timer rang even if there were NO cookies in the oven. "They're done!"~Elder Weiss

One of the Elders in a panic.
"My girlfriend just shot up to 5 11" (he is 5 11)

So we went to america last week. I don't have pictures cause I am paranoid that the computer is going to swipe my SD>..... but it was really fun!!!! Seriously so many americans. It was really america hahaha even the food court. surreal.... super fun though :)
So and old missionary shared this and I thought it was pretty cool. and I agree... haha so here is the spiritual thought for today :)


You all know like in MTC, there is decaffeinated drink at the store and restaurant (right?). I think that is the first time for me to see the word 'decaffeinated'. But if you think of it, the word 'decaffeinated' is such a great word. The prefix 'de' and 'caffein' and '-ated' which just indicates that there is no caffein, caffein has been removed, got rid of.

We all need a decaffeinating time of our life.
Sometimes just look back and see what we have done heretofore, try to decaffeinate what has bothered you during the time being. Hey when you feel little polluted and little 화난다 then just decaffeinate.

Sister Shaver

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