Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wheelchair and Guided

April 10, 2016

Sorry there are no pics this week we only have an hour for email so dont really have time for that and to email a lot of you.. sorry!! Please Keep emailing me though I LOVE reading them! :)

Hey so I fell over.... Y'all I literally fell on my face in the biggest train station probably in the world trying to catch this light... and sprained my ankle.... but didn't know.. when the whole day and then on the way back I could not even put weight on it... it was crazy... ahahahahaha..... we lost our phone and I was sitting there in the station watching my comp flag down a phone and call the zl.  We finally made it to our own station and the zl brought a wheel chair... can't believe I would be in a wheel chair on my mission.... I was sitting with my foot elevated planning zone training and then we took a break for dinner and I tried reading the Ensign trying not to cry haha.. Y'all my mission means soo much to me.. I am so happy God called me here and I prayed harder than I prayed when I got here. Which was a lot haha. and I then had this peace come over me and I knew that it would work out.  I am fine now :) well mostly........ but definitely glad to be out of a wheelchair.


So I was on exchanges, and I was with a younger missionary that was feeling kind of stressed about a few things.  I really wanted to help her achieve her goal for exchanges and during personal study I had 5 min left and I still hadn't really figured out how to help her.  I said a little prayer and asked God how to do it.  The Holy Ghost said, " She has the answers, you need to help her find them"  So I wrote down several questions on a sticky note and gave it to her during Comp study. I asked her to read and answer the first one.
She read, What do you think the Lord wants you to do?
She then said, I Don't know. That's what I am trying to figure out.
The next question: What is your purpose?
Her answer: To bring others to Jesus Christ by faith.
I asked: Now how are those two questions related?
Her face immediately light up as she realized she had answered her own question.  Then the next thing I had on the sticky note was now do a role play where she would teach about faith to someone who was already reading scriptures and prayers and going to church.
through the roleplay she taught us both what we both already knew, but it was a really powerfully learning experience for both of us :)  The Holy Ghost is awesome, ask and you will be guided :)


Sister Shaver

"happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length" proverb
"You may be the head of the snake beware that you are not the tail of the dragon" Korean proverb

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  1. Oh i still remember that day i just saw you on wheelchair.
    I was literally shocked and panicked. I'm so grateful to see that you stand again. Be safe. please!