Sunday, May 8, 2016

Exchanges and the Fun

May 1, 2016


Well this week I went on an exchange with the amazing Sister Phillips!!! She is awesome!! She served on the military base for 5 transfers!!!! Which is the english speaking part of the mission. and her Korean is still pretty good! She is an awesome teacher and has so many cool stories from the post!!! So glad I was able to learn from her.

One fun thing though...
She hasn't been to a Korean meal in a while... haha and we had already eaten when someone invited us to eat.  Lets just say it was a struggle.  We started off with some rice cake which to be fair we were both dehydrated and this stuff was really really dry. I couldn't even swallow and we had to find a way to get all of it down. but i did ask for water in a very sneak way haha. but then there was main course! Super good. There is this part of Korean culture... it doesn't matter how full you are, you never reject eating more food at a meal... and every time I accepted more food sister Phillips looked at me like she was going to lunge over the table hahaha love her to death. She did so well . soogosoogo!

Sister Shaver

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