Sunday, May 8, 2016

Welcome Home Sister Shayley Shaver

April 24, 2016

Quote of the week
If our jong is stronger than her fear of water, we have one! (baptism)- Sister Ooju

Language fails
It's not a lost in translation... it is just sad... I forgot the words to I am a child of God in english... My comp went to harmonize with a descant and I couldn't remember the original words or tune... but we sang it in Korean and I could do it fine........ Struggle bus.......

Tribute to my sister
HEY Sister Shayley Shaver!
Congratulations on returning with honor!!! I am so proud of what you have accomplished! You have done such a great work and brought so many people closer to Christ! :)  I love you!!!
Obviously there is more... but alas time.

We did some music proselyting.  Our mission president put 2 of the 3 most brilliant musical minds I have ever known and put them in the same companionship! They are rocking it!!! So cool! Hopefully we start seeing results from it.

I love everyone!!! Keep working hard :)

Sister Shaver

Shadrach!! look at those eyes!!!

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