Sunday, May 29, 2016

Counterfeits and Transfers

Doesn't this look like a great deal?!?!  I feel this is what Satan does to us.  He offers us these deals of agency. He promises things that seem big but in reality are really small. W10,000 is $10 dollars..... haha  I was thinking about that. How someone who does not understand what Wons are would be really confused and probably excited to spend that much.  I feel that the Devil works the same way a lot of the time.  He promises temporary thrill without any sustainable happiness.  I am so grateful for the gospel that allows us to distinguish from real happiness and satan's counterfeits.
PS being a missionary makes you think deep... about EVERYTHING!

Quotes well funny 

Me: I knew of this one guy whose name was Abinidi Burns
Elder Besinger: What the? Did his parents name his brothers Shadrach, Meshack and Abindigo? and make their middle name didn't?

Patience. gah. ya its back. I love it.
I had a really cool experience with a struggling member the other day.  They called and I felt prompted to share D & C 121:7 and as I shared the scripture I felt like it was God sharing that scripture with me. :) it was a super cool experience :)

By the way, I was transferred and I am training the Sweetest, most humblest sister ever. She is from the Philippines.


 Bishop gave us permission....

Super Heros!

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