Sunday, June 26, 2016

Visiting friends and making balloons

June 12, 2016

Sister Marillo is my wonderful greenie! She is seriously the best. She is so full of faith and hope and has such strong testimony and personal experiences about all aspects of the gospel. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good at Korean. Seriously she is a million times better than I was as a trainee. She is diligent she is obedient. She is the best! I just love her!

So I am preparing a talk for church... I AM SUPER NERVOUS haha but I will probably give it this transfer... that's the goal. hold me too it haha :)
It is a hard language and I still feel really inadequate a lot of days. However, I know that the Lord truly does qualify those he calls WHEN he needs them to be qualified haha sometimes not as soon as we want. :)

So I was thinking today about how much time we give to our physical well-being (hopefully).  I mean the soul has 4 sides. Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.  How well do we spend time balancing these for parts?

It is so important to get the full balance.  We spend like 2 hours eating and 6-8 sleeping? how much time do we spend feeding our intellectual through study? Emotional talking with family and friends and writing in a journal.  Spiritually preparing ourselves everyday with prayer and scripture study? Yes of course there is some overlap in these areas.

I was thinking a lot about this.
2 Nep 32:3 feasting on the word of God
and also Man cannot live by bread alone. We must learn to balance ourselves in all the areas.

My challenge to each of us is to try and find more balance in our lives, :) take a self reflection. That same question, "What lack I yet?" I think I need to write in my journal more. It can be very therapeutic. and the Lord as told us to do that . . .  so probably good for us! :)

What will you do?

Love to you all,
Sister Shaver

Visiting friends and making balloons


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