Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Month Anniversary!!!

Yep I am 1/18 done with my mission.  See it isn't that long.  ;)

So... y'all... I am kind of competitive....In case you didnt know... I broke the wall sit record at the MTC.  They gave me a little certificate and everything :P  But I plan on re-beating it, cause I had to quit after gym time ended.  My time was 11:30 min.

I Win! Yep . . .  I feel like I'm 4 again. :)


My favorite talk was probably Elder Wilford Anderson's talk and he compared discipleship to dancing!!! What a great analogy! If you haven't seen it ( ).

But my favorite quote was "I can teach you to dance but I can't teach you to feel the music" Isn't that the truth!  We can't teach people to feel the music.  It is something we have to feel for ourselves. People can give tips, and explain how they feel it, but ultimately we have to figure it out for ourselves, and it doesn't happen immediately for everyone. Similarly we have to figure the truth out for ourselves.

I hope you had a happy Easter!! :D  Mine was filled with love, Easter bunny ears and general conference! :D  I am so grateful for my Redeemer.  I know that Christ died for all of us, that we may live again, and if we believe on him have eternal life.  I hope we all listen to President Uchtdorf, and as he put it, never lose your sense of awe.  How amazing is it that Christ died for us?  I was overcome with emotion this weekend as I realized how much he loves us.


So today, we were sitting eating lunch in the cafeteria, and this Elder we did not know from South America, came up to us and said this,
"Hello, we opened this bag of chips thinking we were going to eat it but we were not hungry anymore."
The MTC is not in a chips shortage.  Far from it, but this Elder reminded me of how spoiled I have been my whole life.  Here he was not wanting to waste a small bag of lays chips, and came across the cafeteria to give them to the 5 of us, which was far past the trash bin. While I probably grab an extra bowl of whatever looks good on the off chance i want it later. But I am repenting. I hope I can be more like this Elder, filled with gratitude and consideration for resources and other people.
Once upon an Aussie, I'm not going to specify which aussie this was, but I decided this had to be shared.
We were all working on different phrases in Korean, and this particular phrase this sister was working on was please bless us to diligently work at becoming obedient.  However, instead of obedient said pregnant in Korean. The devil lies in the details...
This language is crazy, and wonderful.  I am slowly falling in love with its many complexities.  It's like math...

Lost in translation.

Once upon a Korean class, my friend was trying to say God loves us, and instead said the great hippo loves the ducks.  Yes the words for God and Great Hippo are that close.  So just a reminder the Great hippo loves ducks, and God loves you.

Other fun facts

the word for abomination kajung
the word for testimony kanjung
now imagine testimony meetings...

Quote of the week:

#greatandspaciousbuilding #ldsconf

Picture time!

Happy Easter!

Eating Korean food

Selfie after food

Elder Royce makes the best faces! haha

Temple time! 

So I found this on my camera . . . Elder Selfie Medina 

Good looking missionaries. :P  Sister Amende is hilarious. Love this girl!

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