Monday, April 6, 2015

It's Not Just a Game

안녕하세요! = HI!

Woah! 3 weeks out!  Crazy, we are no longer the newest district.
We lost some amazing missionaries this last week and it chopped our branch down to 1/3 the size.  However,  I look forward to joining them in Korea in the coming weeks :)

Okay y'all. let's talk about gym time. but more specifically four square.
Here is what I have learned.
1. Four square is for past playground bullies and nerds.
2. Not for the faint of heart.
3. It is NOT just a game, it is a world warzone.
-alliances are formed, enemies are made. it's intense.
   (but solely saved for the battle field)

Also, I love four square. haha.  Probably cause it is the closest thing to dancing :P

Alright, next let's talk about how my branch is the "celestial branch".

Besides that it is the best mission ever ;)  We are on the top of every building we go to.... in really old buildings... that don't have elevators.  Hence, we go up 3 or 4 flights of stairs to get to the residence hall, and to class.  I think it is part of the MTC exercise program.  Anyway, story goes we are the closest to heaven ;)  Which we then have to earn by going up ALL THE STAIRS.

Uplifting thought.

Alright so this past week has been awesome.  I feel like the language is sort of starting to stick in my brain.  I even bore an impromptu testimony entirely in Korean(probably not proper Korean but Korean none the less).  I feel that the Lord definitely sent me here to learn some humility, cause this language is incredibly difficult, but it has been a good challenge and really has required me to exercise a lot of faith, and trust the Spirit.

The Tehs!!!

Elder Teh spoke at this past weeks MTC fireside, which is really especially awesome cause I know him and his family and they are seriously the best! They even brought me some blueberries(which are my favorite) and gave me a scripture case! which is great cause I didnt have one. :)

Sister Teh gave an excellent talk.  She spoked about the public transportation in the Philippines and how there is always room for more on the little jeepnees.  Any how they will serve the community for a long time. Similarly with the Lord there is always room for one more.  He will not give us more than we are able to handle :)

Elder Teh gave a wonderful talk about how we are called to the same work as Ammon and how Ammon was blessed for giving up his kingdom, and how we will be blessed for our service to the Lord.

Both talks were so good! :D and I sat next to his awesome children! It was so nice to see them :)

So remember how the first day I was here I ran into the first hymn in the Korean Hymal, which happened to be the hymn my grandmother wrote? Well this week while preparing a lesson for an investigator, we wanted to talk about General Conference.  Then I realized that is exactly what my Grandmother's hymn is talking about! My companion and I sang it in Korean and english together during our companionship study and the Spirit was really strong.  I love my Grandma and I know she was inspired when she wrote those words for "we Listen to a Prophet's Voice" (hymn 22 in english).  This weekend the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord will be speaking to us!  I invite you to join and watch/listen online at ( ) and no matter what you believe I know you will be uplifted from what you watch and hear :)


Best P-day ever! Hanging with the Assuies and Kiwis

Saying good-bye to part of our district that are on their way to Korea! I will miss my fellow engineer.  haha

Sister Kwak and I photo bombed by Elder Eades and Elder Huckfeild.

"hmmm eating salad with a fork is significantly easier than chopsticks" -Sister Hatch

"People are people no matter how small." -Horton Hears a Who

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