Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Time I Onomatopoeiaed

Alright, I feel like this was over hyped, but I hope you enjoy my awko taco moment recreated with hand drawn wii people.

So this was lesson 1 or 2, and I still couldn't even utter a prayer with out it being written out. Yet there we were going to teach a lesson.

Love this sister! She is an angel.

The plan was to read the lesson off this sheet we made, which was going to be a struggle in and of itself. #newalphabetproblems

Okay I am just interpreting what I  think was said. I had no idea what was going on. Something was good at one point...

First two words of this scripture ;) but for real though. All the prayers.

I had no idea what her hobbies were... the only word I recognized was my own name... and then the question verb conjugation....


Under pressure that vocab bank is chopped in half...

So during class there are a lot of charades, cause none of the teachers speak English to us.  Also, my brain in an effort to compartmentalize languages tells my body to us ASL to communicate.... which isn't very useful... especially when Korea probably has a Korean sign language... 

Luckily, our sweet investigator laughed with us. and then told me the word for horse in Korean.  So the moral of this story, is when in doubt act it out.  and that is the tale of how I got the name 말 자매.

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