Monday, November 30, 2015

Soooo Generous!

November 22, 2015

On the Menu!

So this past week was crazy! I was taken to an all you can eat meat buffet twice! The people in this area are sooooooo generous and nice! love them! You cook the meat yourself and make little lettuce wraps with some kimchi! sooo good!

We also had a ward meat party haha soo good. :)

America take notes.

jk This could already be a thing in america idk... but we have heated floors in our apartment!!! coolest ever!!!!  I can just leave my blanket on it for a while and then walah! Instant hot blanket! Its the best. it also heats up my bed since the mat is on the floor haha :)

Quick rant on cell phones

I was thinking about the devil is so good at isolating people using technology... People are literally sardined into trains and yet completely isolated.  It is so sad to me that people seem terrified when I say hi to them when they are fb or texting on their phone(this is in america too).  I realized how addicted I was to technology before my mission! gah! So scary! anyways moral of the story is moderation :)  Keep being awesome!!!

Sister Shaver

ITS THE MAP!!!!!!  Its finally up! and hasn't fallen down on me yet!!! :D 1 week goin strong!

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