Sunday, November 8, 2015

Missions are awesome!

yuckshe me(basically means classic Sister Shaver)
Well... so this one time someone was blowing up a balloon behind me with a pump and didn't know they were small balloons and it popped at head level....... I dropped to the floor like North Korea had just sent a missile...  Everyone was very very amused...

On the menu
Donuts!!! So We had this donut eating contest and I won the title of professional donut eater.... still not sure how I feel about that one, but one of the elders took it from me eventually, so I feel a little better haha.

Missions are awesome!

Well what is cool about a mission is that you can just call the Holy Ghost whenever you want as long as you are being obedient. it is really cool!!! We were so busy talking to someone that we missed our bus stop so we got off and I had this feeling we needed to go and knock on doors old school style, but really we had landed in the middle of Nowheresville and my companion was like..... O.o we do? haha we had some awesome experiences though!! For example, we met this sister who was Buddhist, and she was really nice and gave us juice, and we also gave someone a book of Mormon. However, afterward we had NO idea how to get home... and then the Lord sent us a taxi... We were in the middle of no where and this taxi who had is sweet elderly woman in the car pulled over and was like do you need a taxi? and we were like... YES! haha it was cool and we had a great gospel conversation with him on the way back to civilization.

Korea weird thing...
So Koreans tell kids if they play with fire before bed they will wet the bed.  Therefore they will find you out and you will get in trouble for playing with fire haha.  Careful kids....

Happy Halloween!


Ilsan reunion! 
Elder Hong!

Elder Ryu! MTC buddies!

Korean Mom

 Polka dot crew

​Okay it was too perfect haha #badfamilyphotos #twinsies

Our District

Celebrating Sister Camerons 9 month mark!!! With delivery= potato pizza! :D

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