Sunday, January 10, 2016


January 10, 2016


Well we just met these two girls who showed up at church that speak english they are from Africa. and they are awesome! GIFT OF TONGUES . I usually have sort of general idea about what is going on at church to be honest its not much... and I translated for them for 2 hours straight.  I could literally feel the gift of tongues and the spirit working through me as I translated what was need for them.  IT WAS SO COOL!

On the Menu

Well not Menu but rather the dinner guests....;)  Sister Lautahaha and I went to the CAT Diner and cats were everywhere! IT WAS SO GREAT HAHAHAHAHA There was a cat sitting on the ice-cream machine haha It was mostly so great cause there would have been an uproar in america. lol But these are the happiest cats ever. You can't pick them up, but you can bribe them with food haha Seriously it was so fun!


So the best part of this week....amazing Sister Kim Soryun got baptized yesterday!!! YAHOO!!! I'm So proud of her! She has grown soooooo much and she is so ready for this step.  I Love her and how hard she worked for this :)  She has such great friends that will support her too.  I love watching the gospel really change lives.  The Gospel grows the light of Christ within us until people are just glowing. It is amazing! I feel like as a missionary we are able to recognize the light in people a lot easier. :) I love being a missionary :)

I love Korea!

 Sister Kim Soryun baptism day

 Its freezing..... poor sister Soryun

Cat Diner! It happened

Costco has 2 levels  Going UP....

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