Sunday, January 17, 2016

What Didn't We Do?!?

Well this week We got 2 new investigators that came from member referrals and that is just a few of the tender mercies of the Lord. I really feel that these two African sister investigators will get baptized they are already such dedicated followers of Christ and I know God will answer their prayers as they seek truth. They are miracles.

So my comp and I got kidnapped yesterday haha not really but we went to this wonderful family's house and then they were like hey we are taking you to a Buddhist temple... and we were like?? oh.. okay haha and then we drove out to a Buddhist temple and took pictures and learned about Buddha. It was awesome! Then they were like now you will come see this tomb and we were like.... oh okay! Then we came back and they were like and you will eat with us. and we were like... but but okay... haha Just our awesome lives! That family rocks!  Truly this family is such a great example of missionary work!! And they were sooooo nice to take us out there!! We really appreciated it :)  First time at a Buddhist temple! :)   A Big Thank you all of them!!!

Quotes of the Week:

"You saved me from sinning. If you hadn't given me your food I would have coveted it." - Sister Shaver
"We laugh our past selves to scorn" =So this one sister gave sister Cameron a coat it was really sweet but the funny thing was it was a little tight and she was like "Well if you lose some weight it will fit better" (sister Cameron is in great shape which is why it is funny)

A Tribute to my Companion

So sister Cameron and I have served 6 months together. 6 months!! that is 1/3 of our missions!!! We have seen so many miracles and I have learned so much from her.  She is truly the most loving person EVER. She is truly a charitable person. and I hope someday to have half that much charity.  She is a beaken of light.  Love her so much.  She is going to go do great things in her next area. and she is just amazing :) LOVE YOU SISTER CAMERON!!!

Seoul Tower

The English Village ​So we went with an investigator and some members to this english village where Koreans can practice their English and people from English speaking countries work/live there.  It is super cute! They loved it!


 Monk Temple --She is just sooo cool!!!! our Clara!
We went we just don't have pics yet....

Okay the slide in the background.... lol I need that in my life! that is the 3 floor btw.

 ​This is the cutest child of all time!

More tourist pics

Cat face
"It's amazing how much that looks like your face." -Sister Cameron
imagine me more sad looking... i was pretty much over joyed to find this. haha

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