Sunday, January 24, 2016

Best Valentine's gift EVER

My new companion!

So I forgot my camera..... so you will all get a picture next week.  But Sister Kim Jiyeon is AMAZING!  She is so bold and she speaks perfect English and she is so patient with me and my horrible Korean.  She is also hilarious:)  We are having so much fun :)


Sometimes the Lord just blesses us with really prepared people.  We have two investigators from Africa who are going to get baptized on VALENTINES DAY!!! YAY!!! Best Valentines gift EVER :D They rock!  They read the scriptures and pray everyday!  I'm so proud of everything they are doing.  They are truly working to grow closer to God and I can see and feel that change every time we are together. They have such pure hearts. :)

Quoted conversation of the week:

Elder Grover: When are your baptism?
Sis Shaver: Valentines Day!!!! BEST V day gift ever!
Elder Grover: You would know when that is.
Sis Shaver: Wait... you dont know when Valentines day is?
Elder Grover: I thought it changed every year.
Sis Shaver: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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