Monday, September 5, 2016

Joy in Serving

September 4, 2016

We met the most "golden person" ever. Then she got scared, but we did what we were suppose to do. she told us we were God's gift to her for her birthday, she said she became busy and can't meet, but we think she just got scared.  We were able to answer all of her questions about life with the scriptures and it was really awesome, it is sad that she is scared or probably her family told her not to meet with strangers which is understandable haha, but it's okay God has a plan for her.

I went on an exchange and did a training with two sisters, I learned probably more than they did haha but it was a really great experience :)

I really was wondering why God had me stay the full 12 transfers, as there was an option for me to go home a little early.  I kept thinking that maybe I would find someone to help, and influence a life dramatically.  This week I realized that maybe I was meant to really learn just to be happy doing the Lord's work even when you can't see the results of what you are doing. There is joy in serving no matter what the outcome is when we do all things for Christ.

Sister Shaver

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