Monday, September 5, 2016

Mountain guides

August 14

"Sister Don't judge the day by its weather" -Korean proverb
(that was deep)

In the news
Sooooooo its realllllllllyyyyy really hot .... like the hottest summer in 20 years... lucky us. the good news it taking a cold shower helps..... the bad news is all we have available is cold water........ yup we don't have hot water in the apartment..... the struggle is real...(is that even a saying anymore? #missionprobs.... do people even hashtag?)  anyways it is hot, be soooooooooooo grateful for air conditioning if you are so blessed to have it........ fans just don't cut it..... there isn't a time of the day where you aren't covered and dripping in sweat..... gross.... probably TMI, but I am just helping you all be grateful. :) haha
Stay cool everyone!!!

Life could easily be compared to the crazy hike we just went on this morning...
So first off we had no idea where we were going. All we knew is that we want to get to the top of this mountain... So as we are standing there looking at the map and trying to figure out where we are this old guy comes up and is like where are you going? "To the top" we responded. He then said, "Well you need to follow this trail.... actually let's just go together."

I was thinking to myself we would probably lose him on the trail because we are young spry kids right? NOT He might have had 50 years (not kidding) on us but he not only kept our pace but was cleaning up all the trash along the trail!  It was crazy.... He also explained how horribly unprepared we were for this wet rained out trail and the amount of times we fell climbing this thing proved it. Also, the trail was less than well marked...... without a guide we probably wouldn't have found it.  Then we found ourselves literally clinging to an iron rope because it was such a steep climb.
FINALLY we reached the top. The view was awesome!!! my legs were basically shaking, but totally worth it :) and our guide was like, well I got to go find my friend, and then he disappeared.... but then reappeared on another plateau!!! SO FAST.  Definitely out of our hiking league...

This is life, We all know we want to be happy...  So we study how we can be happy,  then we have prophets, loving friends and family to guide us to the road we need to go down.  And it is hard! Sometimes we fall.  We need to grab on to our "iron rod" the word of God will guide us to Christ which is where we can find true happiness :)

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