Sunday, June 21, 2015

Leave it to Shaver

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE BEST FATHER EVER!!!!!! JACKSON SHAVER YOU ARE THE BEST DAD IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Seriously thank you for always being an example of service and love in my life :)  Thank you for your strong testimony in the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are wonderful! have a great father's day

Lost in translation

These aren't mine, but they are great... lol
"Jesus killed people " vs "Jesus was killed by people" good thing we have companions! lol

"Why does your face suck"  my friends comp to her in English. She meant why aren't you smiling... lol

Quotes of the Week

While practicing for the music night the pianist was like, "Just do it!"

"Can an elephant climb a tree?" Elder Ellingford

How was I not aware of this?

So this one time during music practice I went to sit down with everyone else and then my comp was like get up there you have a solo.  (Please remember I still really don't know Korean, and everyone is Korean or adopted-Korean in my district so all conversation is in Korean.)  Idk how big my eyes got but one of the missionaries was like, "oh btw you have a solo."
This would have been good information.   Apparently I was assigned a solo at some point. Though I don't remember trying out for one.... I don't do solos.  I leave them to people who can sing Like Michelle Moyer (go check her out on fb or youtube -she is awesome #shamelessplug) and Rebecca Woodburry, and Chantel Krause, And Laura Griffeth and all my other really musically inclined friends....
Oh did I mention this solo was in Korean? I really thought they were playing a joke. but nope I sang that solo Saturday. I just hope I pronounced the words more right than normal... there is no correct pronunciation for foreigners... lol  but my patient companion and a few of the other missionaries sat there with me for probably 30 min trying to help me....  and then my comp again at home at night before bed.  There are super great people here  haha..
So moral of the story... not quite sure haha but sing with your heart  even if it isn't natural for you :) haha


We had a really great talk on foundations the other day.  Turns out that Canadian road don't crack despite having to withstand significantly more sever weather conditions that the US roads that are filled with potholes.  This is because the wise Canadians built a deep foundation which allows the surface to be able to withstand the weather conditions is must face.
Our testimonies need to have a deep foundation in order to withstand the trials of life.  And to do this it isn't anything we are unfamiliar with.  Prayer. Prayer isn't for God really. He already knows what we are thinking. Prayer is for us.  Prayer is so that we become humble, so that we can recognize where everything comes from.  So that we can form a relationship with the Lord.  The Scriptures then allow us to feel the Lord's spirit and to learn from the Spirit what we need to learn that day.  and then obedience. Obedience keeps us safe.  It keeps us on the strait and narrow.  through it we can find happiness and peace within our souls and with the Lord.
Sometimes we feel like we have done those things but we don't feel a progression. but the bamboo tree is a great example that we don't always see results right away or as fast as others plants.  it takes a bamboo 5 years to break the surface.

5 years

why? It is building a network of roots that will withstand the growth spirit as it shoots up passed houses within 6 weeks.
but if it was not faithfully watered it would have died.
Let it grow. :) give it a chance :)
The miracle of that growth will manifest itself soon enough :)  Whether in testimony, attribute, skill or whatever you want to develop. give it time.

They will be missed.  They are so wonderful!!!
Love them!

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