Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pick alittle Talk alittle

Alright! we survived!!! Seriously this week was quite the experience!  We talked to a lot of people. I can definitely feel my language sort of progressing haha.  It is always funny cause people are always surpised when I start speaking Korean.  They usually start laughing out of confusion... Someone almost ran into a wall after I said hello.  I love getting to know people! People are so awesome!  I met this older woman who has traveled all over the world! it was really cool to talk to her :)


So sometimes I find "funny english" and it amuses me. This week I found this:

  • Hope means in your dreams
  • I love dog (this was funny because It is was above a store and there were tables and chair set up like a restaruant. I turned to my comp and was like... is that a restaruant? (we are in Korea eating dog is a thing) and she was like.. i dont think so... it wasnt... haha but still funny)

Korean sayings

A woman always has a different place for dessert. hahaha truth
suffer well. (basically means endure well)

MERS and Camels

Okay so there is apparently a big disease going around. I dont watch the news so I dont know what is going on but from all the PSA fliers this is what I know.
Don't eat camel meat if it isnt cooked.
Don't drink camels milk....
Stay away from camels.
Don't let people sneeze on you.
Don't get near people if you have it.
Stay out of public places. (good thing I am a missionary who is trying to spread the good word to as many people as possible in public places :P)

I am not worried.  I hope it gets better though :/

Big Rice Mac

It wasn't actually called that haha but they replaced the bun with rice!

The Gift of Hands

So I have been asked to play the piano at church the other day. Y'all... I don't sight read... and I don't know how to say "I only know how to play these 4 hymns that I learned while in seminary" in Korean.  They just handed me a hymn and expected me to play it.... Miracles everyone. They are among us. Cause I had never even heard some of those songs I played before in my life.


So we had a miracle the other day.  We were early for an appointment, and I felt we should go and start talking to people in the neighborhood while we wait to be on time.  The first person we talk to was someone that we were suppose to meet the day before but something came up and they couldn't meet.  What are the odds that they even lived there, and just happened to be walking toward us as we turned. 10 sec earlier or later and we wouldn't have met her.  God works in mysterious ways :)


So this week I learned a lot about personal revelation.  For God is the source of all truth.  No amount of study can replace revelation.  It can strengthen and is necessary to build faith, but it cannot replace recieving a personal witness.  And to recieve a personal witness we need to act in Faith, and seek truth.
Matthew 7:7

7 ¶Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

I feel I spoke on this before, but that just goes to show how we are constantly rediscovering truth.

We are the captain of our Souls.  We are embarking on a quest and seeking truth.  When we find the islands of truth and anchor ourselves there we are able to have the Holy Ghost confirm that truth to us.  Knowledge and Truth from God through the Holy Ghost is a priceless treasure.

Enjoy the Journey!

Sister Shaver

B exchages!!!


Day one of 100 hr challenge

Mid Week

Final Day #Lordsrest

our bathroom in all its glory. the entire bathroom IS the shower.haha

found this at a restaraunt. BEST TOLIET SEAT EVER. LOL

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