Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Once Upon an American

Really my whole blog is once upon an American... but with the fourth of July is coming up I thought I would say some funny things that happened. But first I am so excited for the 4th of July :D not that anything will happen here, but just that I will take that day to remember how much I love America :) I love Korea, but America is still my home.

So in Korea when the kids lose a tooth they take it to the roof and throw it off the roof and yell catchi. idk what that means, haha and then something about a bird using it for something... I was told about it in Korean so I could be totally off haha. some of the younger kids have the tooth fairy and I think the tooth fairy loves them more than me... they got like 5 bucks! :P

More Once Upon an American

On my first day with my comp I volunteered to make breakfast and make omelets.  There was just one problem...all the ingredients were in Korean.  All I wanted was salt... and I found this thing that in Eng said sodium chloride. and I was like... that is probably salt. and I showed it to her and asked is this salt? and with a quick glance said it was. so i used it... well it was baking soda... not salt haha.
Also, I saw these beautiful envelops/stationary and bought like 10, but fun fact it was just envelops.... so really when i thought i was buying a combo is was just 3 envelops... so now I have a lot of envelopes... haha

Fun things about Korea

So the police lights are always on and flashing.
They have a more complex trash system. so they have a special trash for food, recycle, cardboard, and reg trash. the food trash is usually kept in the freezer so it doesn't stink... haha


So this week I felt particularly impressed to share an analogy I learned about Chopsticks.  Chopsticks come in all shapes sizes and materials.
As long as the chopsticks are even and one isn't raising itself above the other they can work together in the masters hand.  This really can be applied to anything, friendships, political parties, leadership councils, marriages, but right now I am applying it to religions.
Yes a missionary's purpose is to bring people unto Christ.  But really if you know true disciples of Christ, you know they are not judging when people don't share their belief.  I will always invite people to partake in what has brought me so much joy, but if they chose not to we can still enrich each other's lives.  If it is good it is of God, instead of tearing down let's build each other up :)

English Class fun!


Sister Moyer!!! (super old photo)​​

"Golden" contact ;)

Yummy Shakes!

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