Thursday, June 11, 2015

Missionary Work is Delicious!

Funny story

we teach english to adorable children. They are my favorite! Seriously sooo cute and hilarious. Sometimes they come in with english phrases that we definitely didnt teach them. One such case was this boy went to his sister who is only like 2 and was like are you crazy? and she definitely was like no! I couldnt help but laugh. I was so surprised she understood! Kids have such a gift for languages!! (okay I realize they have the grey matter to spare but still I really wish I had that haha)

Missionary work on the menu

Alright so this week... No everyday, is a lesson in humility.  I heard once that you get sent to the states to become a scriptorian, a foreign country to learn a language, and to Asia to be humbled.  haha Pretty sure it is true.  So We were at a members house for dinner and in my defense... okay I got nothing. My brain had just stopped understanding Korean for probably 30 min. No matter what I did.  So when this brother served us delicous cake and asked a how it was I responded in Korean "It's delicious!" and then everyone started laughing like rolling on the floor laughing. and I was like... he wasn't talking about food was he. In english my companion was like, "He asked how the missionary work was going?" So then in English I responded to the brother "it is great!" and then still laughing and in english he said, "It's delicous!" there was no recovery lol luckily I dont take myself too seriously.  Honestly it was pretty funny. Hence the tittle of the blog.

OKay so we are doing this cool 100 hour challenge where we work a hundred hour week, so sorry if I didnt have time to reply to your email as I normally would and we are skipping a P-day, and we skip all the studies everyday, and get up at 5:30, and we skip meal times. The idea is to have the sense like the Lord is coming and you only have 100 hours left, what would you do? you would spread the word like he is coming tomorrow! So ya. No p-day, but it is okay cause God is going to be with us and I am excited for the challenge!


I have noticed a pattern for growth this past week.  First we must hope.  Hope is the foundation of Faith.  In the Gospel or in learning a language or anything else.  "Hope is the anchor to our soul"(PMG chapter6) Hope we can do inherit whatever that is.  Then we need Faith.  From my understanding that is belief plus action. To act upon that hope is to have Faith.  After we act, we must ensure we are acting out of charity.  We are being truly faithful to God and doing his will because we love him and not man.  As we seek to concecrate our actions for Christ, the Spirit concecrates our own conversion.

The miracle of the week was that I woke up one morning not really being able to hear. I could hear fine in the house, but once we got into the noise of the world I couldn't hear. We taught a lesson and I couldnt understand anything my companion or the investigator said.  I was terrified I was going deaf or something. We went home and I prayed and tried shaking my ear like their was water in it. Eventually I could hear again.  So grateful for answers to prayer!  It was a miracle

Humble Pie

So like I said the theme recently is humility, which is hard sometimes cause I have wonderful elderly women coming up to me telling me I am pretty haha. They are seriously the sweetest! I love them!  I hope I can show that much charity for people.  I kinda want to start doing that, and maybe I will. So this week I really started understanding what was going on around me.  I seriously could feel the prayers lifting me this week. :) So those of you praying for me, writing me, THANK YOU!!  It makes a difference!!  I mean I realized I just told a story about telling a member that missionary work was delicious and that wasn't my only language mistake, but I actually sat at a table yesterday and was able to follow the conversation! It is such a blessing :)  But this blessing comes and goes. The closer I am to the Lord the easier the Korean comes.  Simply the less I care about myself and the more I care about others the easier it is to understand their words.  Whether I am actually understanding Korean or the spirit is just conveying what they are saying, I dont know. maybe and healthy dose of both :)  But I know the second I go, " Hey! I am actually learning Korean and understanding things! I got this!" I don't "got this".  It is a constant reminder that with the Lord I can do all things and without him I am nothing.  I am so grateful for a loving God :)  Have a great week everyone!! :) God loves you!! :) <3


Sister Shaver

Rose festival last p-day!!! :D

In the Mornin' I'm makin' K-pancakes!

Yes that is a rice burger.  The bun is made of rice! too great to not have a picture :P

The district! (my district) we rock :P

At the Korean Temple

Cool bridge!!!

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