Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chestnuts Roasting on an open.... flame?

On the Menu.

So this section has been uneventful lately except for:

chicken feet...... I mean I should have saw this coming since they are sold at every Asian food store ever..... but.... ya... well.. I ate it.  I feel it was really more psychologically difficult than actually gross.. the tiny bones though were not my favorite.  The small feet weren't that bad though ;)  Totally learning how to make them.

Chestnuts Roasting on an open.... flame?

My poor companion probably thinks I am nuts--No pun intended.  I turned on Christmas music and started roasting chestnuts over our oven on a chopstick.  She pretty much fell to the flooor laughing. but really I have never had a roasted chestnut. And it is after thanksgiving (in Korea) so Christmas songs are completely appropriate.

Yep that would happen you you......

So we have this map. Its a map, it's a map, it's a map, it's a map, it's a map, it's a map, its a MAP!!! (Dora days are not forgotten) but really though.... Its a massive map of our area, which is REALLY handy. the problem is.... wallpaper. We have wallpaper covering up the cement that is our walls...... and NOTHING sticks to this wallpaper. Its like trying to stick tape to ice.  The evidence of previous sisters efforts mark the poor map with holes, where pins and all manner of tapes were used to hold this mighty guide in place. but alas it was all for not as it continued to fall to the floor.
BUT I AM AN ENGINEER!!!  Surely a graduate engineer is equal to such a task.  With the resources we had it was determined that laminating the map to the wall would be the next step in securing the map.  AND IT WORK!!!!! :D :D I was feeling mighty clever.  Until said cleverness came crashing down on my face at approximately 3 am.... I was less than amused... Counsel with the Lord in all the doings -even in hanging maps on the wall. tbc...

Korean trash is really highway robbery... anyway we poor Americans tried our hand again at taking out the trash..... when you live in an apartment complex you have to separate your trash into about 10 different kinds of trash. I will spare you the details. but there are different sections for different plastics. and you have to by special trash bags... and all food has to be put into a special food trash thing and until you put it in that thing outside, you keep it in your freezer... that is always a gross day.......

ANYWAY, we were taking out the trash, and apparently there is another type of trash we didn't know existed. clothes trash. so make that 11 different kinds for those keeping track.  I assumed it was regular trash and put our bags of reg trash by the clothes trash... our Security guard friend was not very happy about this.......... We do feel really bad. We don't mean to be trash stupid.... there is no real guide to these things..... Also that has to be the worst job ever sitting there and watching people sort their trash...  So in an effort to well repent of our trash mishap we brought him down some banana bread we had made.  I think he was the happiest grandpa in all of Korea by the look of the smile on his face when we gave him bread.  In fact he was probably the happiest man in the whole world by how big his smile was. :) Its the little things everyone! It really brightened my day. :)

 I learned so much from conference, I really won't be able to tell you even a fraction of what I experienced and learned!  I went in with 6 questions. I will only give 2 :)
Why am I in Korea specifically?
How can I be a better teacher?

In short it will probably take me a life time to discover the full answer the first one. but I believe I was sent to Korea to find answers to the other 5 questions.   I need to be a better teacher and to be a better teacher I learned from the spirit I need to simplify.  No one can learn it all at once!  And I need to learn this principle now, not just because I want to teach doctors professionally, but because I want my children to have a solid foundation where it matters most.  I need to teach through stories that are relatable, and I even had examples of analogies that Koreans will easily be able to relate too.

One of my favorite quotes was "When you can't do what you have always done, you do what matters most."  That has been SO true for me as I have served my mission, or how I dealt with my accident. Not that I don't enjoy dancing or horseback riding I will still enjoy those when I get home but I am learning to focus on what is most important and laying a foundation for what I need to be a successful daughter of God.

I learned so much about myself just from 10 hours of listening to inspired men.  I know that these men are called of God.  I know that we can learn this to be true for ourselves as we listen to their words and pray and actively seek to know.  If you want to know what they are saying is true you have to try it out.  There is know other way.

My favorite talks: All by President Utchdorf, (womens session included), Elder Foster, Elder Nelson, Elder Durrant, Elder Bednar, Elder Holland, President Monsen.

Elder Holland gave a shout out to mothers, and I am so grateful for my mother and her selfless service to me and to so many others :)  She came up with Ponderizing (reffer to Elder Durrant) and told me to do it while I was in the MTC. She is amazing :)  Love you Momma!!!

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