Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Under Attack

On the Menu

Sweet potatoes on pizza(actually pretty good I will start a chain when i get back)
okay now go look at the picture of the Korean food.  Everytime we have eaten at this restraunt I have done something awkward.... not on purpose.... So that pot is full of this buckwheat broth and the first time I saw it I thought we were suppose to drink it......... WELL I WAS WRONG... and my Korean friend gave me a confused look but didnt say anything and then the waitor came and gave us a new pot and new bowls .... cause apparently thoughs are for the food(see picture).  It is actually for the rice bowl. after you get all the rice you can out of it you use to the broth to make a rice soup thing.  BUT I am Korean culture challenged sometimes...... and pour wayyyy too much in... cause ... well it was suppose to be a soup... anyways... we got a good laugh...well they got a good laugh... hahaha

Under Attack

Alright sooooo this MASSIVE hornet wasp thing(see picture below) flew into our apartment!!! IT WAS HUGE!!! I think it should pay rent for the time it spends in our house....  It hid in the light for a while, but Sister Cameron was convinced it was going to kill us in our sleep, soooo I found a container and managed to catch it on the ceiling, paper wasn't going to contain that thing so we decided to slide the cutting board underneath it.... Anyway. true story.  There was some screaming involved...... okay.... a lot of screaming......but we are safe haha.


I totally shared the gospel to someone in a mascot costume the other day. It's a memory I will cherish forever. It was this big blue cat.  Sharing the gospel doesn't have to be boring.


Humility? The question mark is there because it seems to be the theme of all my learnings..... haha so apparently I am not learning it well enough the first 348 times........  Some days I feel sort of confident in the language...... and then I go to church...  anyway,... back on the humble train....
But really.. This last weekend was conference for you Americans! SO LUCKY!! This next Sunday I will be watching all of it straight through. SO EXCITED!!! I hope everyone at least goes online and watches the highlights from the sessions :)
Random thoughts from friends:

The best antidote for worry is work.
The best medicine for despair is service.
The best cure for weariness is helping someone who is more tired than yourself.
So true!

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