Monday, October 5, 2015

Pure Example of Love

Cheuw sock (Korean can't be romanized... it doesn't actually sound like that.....)

This was the biggest holiday in Korea.  So that was cool . we went bowling.... hahaha my favs........and had a conference. and then spent a whole day cleaning from top to bottom of our apartment.... it was actually fun haha.  we rearranged the desks too.  Then because of the holiday church was moved to later on Sunday haha. They actually almost only had just sacrament meeting haha.

Such delicious Korean food!!! Just Korean pancakes from our wonderful Sister Lee.  She is great! and Then Sister Kim brought us grapes and beef!!! it was the nicest thing ever!! We have a wonderful ward!!! :D and Another sister Kim gave us other traditional food that was delicious!!! I love food.... :D

How to love

So I was on exchanges with the ever so lovely Sister Zendell  She is absolutely amazing! she is my missionary role model.  Love her! Anyways, while on exchanges we were trying to meet this person that randomly had called her and when we finally met her we realized she had a severe handicap.  She had some paralysis in the hands but was still amazing at using the phone to text. She also couldn't speak except for a few words like yes no, and good.  She was the happiest person in all of Korea.  She had a smile sooooooo big when she saw us and she had never even met us before.  We were suppose to be doing a missionary activity, but when we met her and started talking to her we just felt so much love for her.  I don't think I have ever been filled with that much love for someone who I barely met.  She could understand everything we were staying.  I can't even imagine that kind of trial.  She begged us to eat with her and we couldn't say no because of her overcoming joy.  I was practically on the brink of tears.

I wish I could love like she loves.  She just grabbed us in a bear hug and didn't want to let go.  We ate dinner with her and we told her about our families and asked her yes or no questions.  She was soo amazing. She was wonderful.  I really don't know how to describe this experience.  It was so all encompassing in how she managed to change my heart.  I want to love how she loves.  You knew she loved you from the moment she saw you.  She would get so excited she would start laughing.  I also feel like it is soo sad how many people would pass her by and not know what a wonderful friend they could have had.  I could just feel God's love for her.  It overwhelmed my soul with how perfect she was.  She was very aware about life even though she couldn't speak.How she showed Christ like love. She could understand everything we said and despite her hardships she chose to be happy.  She was beautiful inside and out.

So more on Chewsock

It is a 3 day period where the Korean people show thanksgiving for the crops they are about to harvest and for their ancestors that sacrificed so much for them to be where they are today.  The Korean people are the reason for the miracle that is know as the Han River. They came back from nothing within a generation and made a great economy! number 1 in the world in a lot of areas!!!   I feel so blessed to be here. :)  To live in this country.  I feel like this Holiday was the first time I said in English that I live here out loud... sounds basic and obvious, but really it hit me how much apart of this country I feel!! I am Korean!!! :D


Sister Shaver

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