Friday, July 29, 2016

Captain Moroni is a Beast!

July 10, 2016

Lost in translation

There once was a trainee who instead of using the word for immersion= cheemsue, used the word for decapitation=chamsue
We receive baptism by chamsue.... whooops

Captain Moroni is a Beast.

So I was thinking and reading about Captain Moroni. My life goal is basically to be a female Captain Moroni.  Cause . . . he is awesome! He became a general commander in chief at 25. I was thinking, how did he become so awesome? In Alma 43:24 says that he listened to Alma, the prophet of God, to know where the armies are,  verse 19 says that he made everyone wear their armor and that he was always thinking and pondering about people's motives and that the Nephites had good motives. That is why he was willing to lead them basically (and that it was God's will, of course).

Moroni gives all the glory to the Lord even while talking to the enemy. He also stops the shedding of blood at the soonest sign of surrender.   I also can relate to him because he gets angry with stubborn and ignorant people . . . of which I am sometimes guilty . . . which gets us both into trouble sometimes. haha. Anyway. Learning from the scriptures. I am going to apply all those things. Just call me Captain Shaver. ;)

Love to you all,

Sister Shaver

Meet my wonderful new companion Sister Hale! She is awesome! I'm excited to serve with her! A person can't help but love her-look at that smile!


Saying good-bye to sweet Sister Morillo. These are the hardest times on a mission when you say good-bye to those who have touched your life forever.

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