Friday, July 29, 2016

A Foundation needs a Builder

July 17, 2016

Lost in translation
So my companion when she was a new missionary.  She was asking people to put a sticker on the board, but then her trainer told her she had actually been going around asking people to please die....... pronunciation....... save lives hahahahahaha

A Foundation

I was pondering Helaman 5:12 (Book of Mormon) I have always been drawn to the truth that "it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation;

Recently the words ye must build  really stood out. I must be a builder! This choice ... the action required moved me deeply.  I've known that in order to accomplish any goal we need a sure foundation.  Then we can build desires and motivation on that foundation. Then We must act on those desires because faith without works is dead right? Yes, it is one of those head knowledge truth that became heart knowledge. I must consciously choose every moment of every day to make my Savior my foundation, my rock that cannot break because He is the Son of God and has done all so that you and I can overcome all things of this world by holding onto all things that truly matter.

I am grateful for the examples in life we can follow. Most importantly I am so very grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who was the perfect example. We can choose to follow Christ! In all of life's choices.  We can make him our foundation.  Our foundation in Jesus Christ will give us the desire and the hope that we long for and as we act on that hope and follow him we can truly find happiness in this life and the next.

Love you all.

Sister Shaver

Oh the fun adventures on the buses! We had the whole bus to ourselves!

I have two companions now! Meet Sister Campbel


 Frolicking in the "forest"

Summer is hair . . . here =HOT

Our District

The awesome Sister Hale

Object lesson

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