Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Badminton . . . it's a Thing!

On the menu

So I don't know if I mentioned but I lost my wallet. so my companion have been living on a prayer... well lots of prayers and mana (rice and milk)... which was pretty much all that was in the fridge for a few days haha, but we were blessed with some awesome member meals. They even sent us home with some food so we had some variety until we were able to get money from the office. :)  The Lord will always provide. :)

P-day adventures

So.... badminton.... this one time we played badminton, which in my defense I have never played in my life... haha  but it was really really fun! After awhile I sort of got the hang of it... I may not have been super great, but I certainly had fun!!!  This one time, this birdy was coming straight down at me and I went to hit it and missed... aaaaaaand then it hit me in the face..... everyone was rather amused. I would like to say this happened only once... but that would be a lie.. haha  birdy's really like hitting my face haha. but really I had so much fun!!! I hope to play again soon!! :)

Ward Picnic!!!

We had soooo much fun at the ward picnic!!!  We watched meet the Mormons, which is a super awesome documentary that interviews Mormons from all over the world.  It does a good job of explaining what we are all about :)

We also had amazing food!!! I love Korean food. Can't say it enough :) The kids also got to play hit the elders with a water balloon. It was a very amusing game and the kids loved it haha. Haven't asked the elders about it yet . haha
There was also this Korean game that I don't know how to spell in English. choko is my best guess. Basically it is a cross of volleyball, soccer and tennis net.  No hands the ball can bounce 2 but has to get over on the third kick like volley ball.  It is a really popular game and looks like a lot of fun! I would have played but alas I was in a skirt...

Learn Korean or Lose

But after the brothren and elders were done playing the kids invited Sister Cameron and I to play.  It was the cutest thing ever.  They gave us permission to use our hands and spoke ot us in rapid fire Korean doing their best to explain to us how to play better and how the game worked.  After they took down the net they wanted us to play soccor.  These kids were sooo good! it was amazing!   They also explain to us how soccor worked in rapid fire Korean. I think I learn Korean better from playing with kids than reading the grammar book haha.


 Trying to keep the map from falling down. ;)

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