Monday, August 3, 2015

Learning July 26

Teaching English quotes

So I was teaching the kids about bless you because bless you isn't in Korea culture, and when I hiccuped they both said bless you... haha it was adorable.

On the menu
Beans on Ice: so there is this dessert that is literally beans, milk and ice flakes. It is surprisingly really delicious. :)


So this week I learned and studied Mary and Martha.  It is common for lessons to be held using this talk about how we need to distinguish between what is better and best, but there was an insight from the June Ensign I found very insightful.  That Jesus didn't rebuke Martha until after she spoke judgingly of another's decision.  Christ was content to let her serve however she wished, but her self importance in criticizing Mary led to the rebuke.   It just emphasizes that we really need to be focused outward rather than inward.  There can be multiple best things(although not in this case but in life) but how we do those actions determines where our heart is.


The miracle of the week, well there were a couple but especially my knee, which has had previous injuries was re-injured this last week.  It was so painful I continually woke up throughout the night and limped everywhere for about a day.  The next morning I said a prayer pleading with the Lord to heal it in accordance to the setting apart blessing I had received that I would not have serious injury or illness.  The pain left shortly after and it hasn't bothered me since.  It was amazing and just evidence that sometimes all we need to do is ask.

Enjoy the Journey!

Sister Shaver

We got completely drenched in the unexpected rain storm haha good times. :)

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