Monday, August 3, 2015

I am Being Transferred!

Quotes of the week

"Just because you stick a sombrero on it doesn't make it Mexican." -me
(there is this Mexican chicken chain here that whenever I see it I get really excited and then remember it isn't Mexican food... and then I am temporarily saddened...)

Out on the ranch!

We were helping one of the ward members harvest their pepper farm.  it was really fun!!! I miss being outside and working :)  We picked a lot of peppers!!! And we rode in this really um creative looking tractor. It was really cool!! :D

Feeling sooo loved.

I feel soooo loved by the people here.  Even though we have quite the language barrier, I feel really close to them. I am going to miss all the people here sooo much, but I know the Lord has good things ahead for me and them as well.  So grateful to have met the people in this wonderful area :)  Some of the YW even gave me my favorite chocolate as a goodbye gift! I was soooo shocked by the gift I almost cried.  So sweet!

We had a good bye night filled with great music by all the missionaries , meet the Mormons, a great talk by Elder Fulthorp who is headed back home, and awesome food! Because you can't have a proper Mormon function without food. ;) jk  So grateful for everyone that came out to that and made it such a wonderful night :)

Cool story

I first started talking to this woman who didn't really want to talk with me.  but as I asked her what she believed she opened up and pulled out a bible. and we talked about Christ and how we came to believe in Christ. I shared my favorite scripture about the atonement in the book of Mormon with her and she said it was good word and I testified about the book of Mormon and Christ's atoning power. when we parted ways she said she loved me. It was an amazing experience.

Being on the farm made me feel right at home. :) Loved it!


photo bomber (me)

Love these sisters! Daughters of a King!

One of the best Zone Leaders ever! Elder Taylor

Music practice! Elder Hong

English class I am going to miss these kids soooooo much!!!!!

Goodbye night

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