Monday, August 3, 2015

Schooled at School 7/19/15

Quotes of the week

"Whales don't use makeup. Whales are naturally beautiful like you! No matter what people think I will always love you!" -Shaleen Shaver (in a note) hahaha
"I'm going to try something I saw someone do once, hopefully it works"-Elder Taylor

On the menu

I hate pickles. I have never liked pickles. ever. ever. ever.
But the Lord has blessed me here. because I like Korean pickles...  Julia probably just died laughing because she knows how much I can't stand them. but it is true. I like Korean Pickles.  It is a Christmas miracle and more miraculous cause it isnt even Christmas!

I Speak Good England

before I start this section, my Korean is way worse than any of the English mistakes I talk about but they are just too funny not to share and they make me smile.

This shirt I found the other day "Impossible is Nothing" this isn't Korean grammar either which makes it that much funnier.

Have you ever thought about how the attitude you have while doing something completely changes what you are doing?  That is what I thought about this week.  How our focus even while doing simple tasks can have an impact on how we feel.  As we do our best out of love for Heavenly Father and his children the result will work itself out.  The root of discouragement and all other negativity is pride.  Don't take rejection personally, and don't take judgement personally even if it is meant to be personal (in missionary work, in dating, relationships, projects).  I don't mean ignore the experience, we can learn a lot from rejection, but letting that become something positive leaves us happier once we figure out how to do it. Remember how I was talking about the gift of hands?  I have had some miracles where I was able to play the piano when asked and sight read stuff I didn't know, well.... there were other times I was worried about how I would do, and how I would be perceived and I didn't do a good job at tickling the ivory... I think I broke my hand against the ivory haha.  Afterwards, I was definitely embarrassed but I realized I was playing the piano for me and not for the people singing and that is why I failed. but even when playing the piano for a meeting not getting attached to how we did is part of doing it for Christ.  If we allow our performance to give us feelings of self worth we are dependent on doing well.  and we become a waving roller coaster of emotions.  But if we do our best for Christ and just do as he would have us do; we can be confident in who we are and maintain a high self worth, because we are Sons and Daughters of the Almighty God and joint heirs with Christ.  That is something to have confidence in.  He won't let us fail as long as we are striving to follow him.

The miracle of the week.  I was talking to this woman on the bus and i felt prompted to ask what her daughter is studying.  which I usually don't do cause I still don't really know that many names of subjects, but this time I did. She studying Bio-medical engineering! the same thing as me!!! Miracle!

Schooled at School

Okay we weren't at school, but we were teaching English and after the class the kids were showing me this game that is a lot like jacks.  there are 5 oddly shaped drum box looking things and then you through one up and grab one then throw one up and grab another and repeat, he threw them all back down and took one threw it grabbed 2, then threw one grabbed the remaining two, then repeated the game and grabbed three then one, and then finally all 4. He proceeded to do several other tricks.  I was like... I and sort of coordinated. at least as coordinated as a 6 year old. JOKES.

I was quite miserable at this game. lol I sat there trying to figure out how to grab the second one while holding on to one of the blocks. The kids would get really excited when I got three of them one by one.   They were so nice and wanted me to succeed as much as I did haha.  I love them so much! Then one ran away excitedly and came back with a gift. She gave me my own so I could practice at home. haha I didn't know I would get homework as a teacher ;)  Seriously though, they are the sweetest :)

I was also talking with this 8 year old at a members house, and she taught me a bunch of cute tricks you can do with rubber bands, and then we played Cat's Cradled the Korean way which I found out is slightly different from the American version.  She was so adorable!

Everyone has something to teach us :)

In conclusion we can learn from everyone.  They were so humble and teachable and really know how to teach me with patience and love.  while we were with a member one of their kids was showing me how to do tricks with a rubber band. She was very patient with my awkward big hands and helped me accomplish it.  I hope I can be more patient while I am teaching and just like she did use simple words to explain, then lead by example so I could follow her.  :)  Kids are the best.

Enjoy the Journey!

Sister Shaver


New place that just opened by our house so Delicious!

If you cant read it it say, "Have a nice days" it just fills me with joy. lol

Sorry I keep taking pics in teh bathroom... haha #3 "treat your bathroom as yours"

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